Heavenly Acupressure Mat

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    I was just reading some sites on Spinal Stenosis and Acupuncture which I am now doing, had my 13th treatment yesterday....one a week for me NOW.

    In the article it talked about Acupressure Mats to use on the pressure point areas for in-between sessions....

    So I went online and found a Heavenly Acupressure mat for $27...talks about relieving pressure points all over body and some people even sleep on them.... There are some 84 reviews on this particular mat. Some talked about how they sleep better using the mat...

    Do your research as I do mine. jam
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    some complained about the "sharp" points of the mat, many did not, depends on the body's sensitivity.

    So again, do your reading on these mats, there are more than this one.
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    getting blood circulating and hence breaking up pain spots. I'll probably get one, I lay down a lot and why not use one of these mats, I use ice and heat so I'll add another mat...

    thanks for input jk....