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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Feb 25, 2006.

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    I could not take a shower unless I had my shower stool in the shower! I don't have the physical strength and stamina to stand up long enough to wash my hair and shower.

    I am not a lightweight, so I got a heavy duty stool just to make sure it would hold me -- some of the lightweight ones looked pretty unstable to me when I looked at them!!! LOL I certainly did not want to fall in the shower while I was home alone with no one to help me!!

    I saw what looked like the stool that I have in the Dr. Leonard's catalog -- if anyone is interested in one.

    It is height adjustable and holds up to 400 pounds. It is their #17394 for the stool without a back, and #17389 for a deluxe bath seat with a back.

    See the website at www.drleonards.com or call 1-800-785-0880.

  2. JLH

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    Thanks for your kind words .... you're one of my favorite people, too.

    My mother is 76 and getting feeble. She has a stool, too, which also makes me feel better, as she had fallen before in the shower. She is a widow and I think the rescue squad would have to take a hatchet to her doors to get in to help her--she has so many latches and locks on her doors!!!

    Also glad you're still fixing some of those recipes. That was such a great idea to do! I printed them all out and when I'm able, I am trying all of them, too. One of my daughters wanted me to make her a "recipe box" with my old favorites in it.

    I used to cook and bake all of the time--when I could stand up! I hope to get back to it some day--I do what I can when I feel good, but that hasn't been much lately!

    My new daily saying is ... I feel like it's a good day if I wake up and I'm still above ground!!

    Take care.

    Love, Janet

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