heavy legs/ Rls the same? Black Cohosh cause

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Charleen, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Charleen

    Charleen New Member

    Hi all
    In the past week my legs have been killing me like they did when I had RLS. My RLS has calmed down in the past year or so but is in major flare since I started taking Black Cohosh. It is so bad I can't harly control my legs at all. Question is has anyone else had this same side effects?
    I know I am allergic to a lot of drugs and some over the counter ones. The pharmancist recomend this for hot flashes. I would rather have the hot flashes than the pain in my legs.
    Thanks to all
  2. app5775

    app5775 New Member

    Hi, it could be a reaction. You might want to get off of it for awhile to see if its causing your problems. However for me, one of my main symptons right now is heavy legs and tiredness. I just hate that. In the morning I try to just lift my legs off of the bed and it seems like I can't. On mornings that I can lift my legs well I know its going to be a good day. Its one of the worst symptons I still have. It makes you feel like walking is such work. Hope you're symptons get better.
  3. Poppy2

    Poppy2 New Member

    I find a lot of medications do this to me , even some vitamins and herbs. Iv'e had to cut out just about everthing. It's like everything that goes into your body triggers a reaction. Go off and see how you do. Write it down and keep records.

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