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    My sis was just diagnosed with Lou Geherig's disease yesterday, which is fatal. I read that by detoxing (she made plane parts in a major plane factory for years) it could possibly slow down the disease.

    I would appreciate any suggestions, please. I know I've read this before, but right now I'm in a state of shock and can't think, much less research. Thanks again........Jole
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    I am sorry I don't really have suggestion re detoxing - have read very mixed things about the safety and effectiveness of different methods.....I do know that if done rt, it can be very beneficial

    I am mainly writing, though, to say how sorry I am to hear about your sister's diagnosis.....I will keep you and her in my thoughts & prayers {{{{{{{lots of gentle hugs}}}}}}}
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    Sweating detoxes all known metals. FIR saunas, closet saunas, hot baths.

    DMSA is an excellent choice for certain metals. www.vrp.com has it. Start with 25mg / day. It chelates via the kidneys, so if you experience kidney pain, take every 2nd or 3rd day. It chelates extra-celluar (only outside the cell). 25mg of DMSA = 1 quart of sweat, so it's much more effective.

    Increase up to 100mg DMSA and then up to 2X a day.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid chelates intra-celluar (inside the cell), but you will overload your liver and kidneys if you're very toxic. Only start after a course of DMSA 100mg 2X a day. Start with 25mg, work up to 300mg.

    EDTA suppositories are also proven effective. www.detoxamin.com and there are others. Oral EDTA is poorly absorbed from the stomach. It sounds gross but the side effects were minimal.

    http://www.detoxamin.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8&products_id=75&zenid=30d6eb6f971488e96894874a332ba8e6 is a fecal metals test, it will tell you what metals your sis is up against.

    Ref: No More Amalgams by Andrew Cutler PhD, professor of pharmcokinetics
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    I am so sorry to hear that your sister was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS).

    I wanted to pass along some information that many people (including 99% of Dr's) do not know.

    It is possible for the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi to cause symptoms that are diagnosed as ALS.

    Some people who were diagnosed with ALS were found to have severe chronic borrelia bugdorferi infection (lyme) and were treated long term by a Lyme literate MD and recovered.

    Since Dr's say that they don't know what causes ALS, they don't look either.

    I do not want to give you or her false hope....but if it were me or my family member I would want someone to tell me this, and I would start reading and investigating this possibility fast...time is of the essence.

    Some info for you follows....

    see page 47 of this wonderful presentation...





    In the following article....5th paragraph down..."Dr Whitaker postulates that ALS could be the end stage of Lyme disease."...




    Try to see the documentary movie "Under Our Skin"....here is info on it...read the last paragraph....


    On page 24 of this booklet, it lists the diagnoses (including ALS) that are commonly given to people with chronic Borrelia bufdorferi infections.....also read the symptom list in the booklet....


    99% of Dr's do not know how to recognize, diagnose or treat chronic lyme.



    I am praying for you and your sister.
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    So sorry to hear about your sister!

    Nanie's right, if at all possible maybe your sister could get a Western Blot from iGenex.

    Also heavy metals of course could be part of the whole picture, more likely because of where she worked.

    I have used DMSA orally for high levels of mercury per blood test; my DH and son have used Chelex successfully for a bunch of high levels of different heavy metals. (How & why our tests were so different, I have no idea - theirs were similar to each other, while I only had mercury.)

    take care,

  6. SnooZQ

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    Nasty disease. In addition to chelation, your sis might want to research LDN (low dose naltrexone) which some w/ALS have tried & thought it slowed down progression.

    LDN is often used together with ALA, (alpha lipoic acid) which in itself (the ALA) is a chelator.

    Best wishes.
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    bumping for jole....
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    Nanie, I am absolutely shocked you would have the audacity to say something like you did.

    Lou Gehrig's Disease is complicated and takes expertise in diagnosing. I believe it is inherited but will have to look that up. I had a friend with it. If you have been diagnosed with it you can be certain that is what it is. It's not like some systems that are nebulous.

    To suggest it is Lyme, is tunnel vision. Everything is Lyme. NOT!! As I have said before Lyme should be looked into but when you have an actual diagnosis of LGD the chances of it being Lyme are small. LGD has a certain pattern of symptoms, onset. There are definitive lab tests. Everything is not Lyme.

    Joel, I am so sorry about your sister. If something like this happened to my sister, I don't know how I would handle it. Does your sister live near you, have a good support group of friends and family.This will take some time to process. Feel free to vent.

    Take care.


    ETA Even if your sister has lead poisoning from her job, chelation can be dangerous for a healthy person let alone whose health is compromised.. Not only can it get rid of some chemicals that may be harmful it may also take away essential chemicals in your body. The following webste has some good information. People have died from Chelation. Others have gone into kidney failure. Your sister needs to talk to her doctor about chelation if she is thinking about this. Does anyone else in your family have LGD? My thoughts are with you and your family.


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    Hi Jole,

    I'm sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis and the shock you're experiencing at this time. I'm only going to mention a couple of points here, and then take my leave. What I'm going to share would not be considered "scientific" by some, which means I'll surely be attacked for even bringing it up.

    I maintain a rather rigorous detoxification program myself, which includes a number of things. A couple of primary things are detoxification clay foot baths and far infrared (FIR) saunas. I started a thread entitled, "Detoxification Clay / Clay Foot Baths Work Well for Me".


    On this thread, I mention a website (evenbetternow) that has some really good information on detoxification that you may find helpful. Cherylsue mentions on this thread how she tried these footbaths herself, and was able to see sparkles (mercury) at the bottom of the tub of water when she went to throw it out.

    Also, I would heed Nanie's advice about a possible connection between Lyme and ALS. I'll paste a little below about this possible connection. It was written by David Jernigan, a Chiropractor who has specialized in treating Lyme for many years using alternative healing and diagnostic methods.

    In his article, he elaborates a bit on how he believes people with ALS have a genetic inability to detoxify Lyme associated ammonia. He makes a compelling point about some ALS patients he's dealt with who often smell of ammonia (especially after saunas). His point: start getting rid of the ammonia, and it may halt the progression of the illness.

    All the Best Jole, to you and your sister.


    by David Jernigan

    Excerpted from an article entitled, "Lyme toxins the primary cause of your symptoms!"


    The first time I tested a person with ALS, I was shocked to find global ammonia accumulations. Upon questioning, every ALS sufferer I have encountered has told me that when they perspire, they smell ammonia. One woman said that when her husband with ALS would come out of their infra-red sauna at home, his towels would wreak of ammonia, but no other doctor had ever picked up on this fact.

    Another fascinating finding is that the muscle fasciculations of ALS--the worming, twitching of the individual muscle that leads to the nerve-ending dying--has been dramatically improved when the person soaks in a bath with four ounces of NeuroAntitox II Formula. This finding is remarkable in that if one could completely stop the muscle fasciculations, the nerve-endings would not continue to die, and the ALS would be brought to a halt.

    However, the reality is still that the cause of the lack of biochemical breakdown of ammonia must be corrected, the source of ammonia (Lyme spirochetes) must be brought to controllable levels, and the tissues must be repaired. So far, the "cure" for ALS is still elusive, but the Lyme-ammonia connection is a profound revelation. Good results are also being reported in ALS using intravenous (IV) glutathione, peroxide drips, and IV phosphatidylcholine.
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