Heavy metal testing anyone? B12 low & off lyrica

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  1. I saw a neurologist today as I have been concerned about tremors in hand and foot. Thank goodness she doesn't think it is parkinsons as of now as she sees alot of that . not to say it wouldn't turn into it down the road .

    But she is testing me for

    heavy metal screen
    folic acid
    b12 (as I get injections once a mo) she asked what was the cause? My dr never told me why, just that it was low?
    sed rate westergren
    aso titer

    do you know is this routine for neurologists to test for these things? I never was around heavy metal?

    also she recommended the only way I would know if the shaking was from lyrica is to ease off it altogether slowly. although 2 drs say it isn't the lyrica she says it could be but is unusual .
    then I see her in a month. any ideas?

  2. SnooZQ

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    One who can think outside the box.

    Copper either too high or too low can cause problems.

    Heavy metals are present everywhere in modern life. Most bodies have some capacity to excrete HMs, but some of us are challenged in that department.

    There are a number of neuro signs that are typically present in Parkinson's, as well as specific types of tremor.

    Some types of tremor are very benign. But I know it's a worry.

    I would try to go with her recommendations, if possible.

    Best wishes.
  3. Sceptical

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    This seems to be a regular cfs protocol. I am gonna have my heavy metal screening next week. It is very important because if you happen to test positive, there are several remedies for that and your medical condition is gonna imrove much.

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    Tremors are listed as a possible side effect of lyrica on rxlist.com. I think your doctor has a very good idea to try easing off it slowly to see if that helps.

    Most doctors know little about side effects, particularly unusual ones, and we need to read all the fine print ourselves to protect ourselves. My mom had serious reactions to 3 different meds, but her doctors didn't pick it up. I had to read all the fine print myself, showed it to the doctors, they stopped the meds, and my mom got better.

    Heavy metals are in our environment - our air, food, water etc., dental fillings. It sounds like you found a good neurologist!

  5. the dr said she would be surprised if anything showed up in tests but ran them anyways which I would rather be thorough as my family dr never ran those types of tests. mine were blood tests, 5 or 6 vials.
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    Hi Fibro,

    Blood tests will only show what's in the bloodstream at a particular moment, and sometimes these can vary considerably from day to day. Andrew Cutler PhD recommends the "Hair Elements" test from Doctor's Data, as it will show tissue levels, and also show if your body is holding on to metals, rather than releasing them. It's the only lab he recommends...the most accurate in his opinion.

    Yes, many people can handle or seem healthy even with heavy metal poisoning, because their detoxification systems (that Rich Van K talks about) are working correctly. However, if that's not the case, then one can become very ill.

    It's Andy Cutler's contention that heavy metal contamination (especially mercury, from fillings, vaccinations, and some fish) can mimic many different diseases, and can cause the immune dysfunction that's a part of CFS and Fibro, among other conditions -- and that often this mercury contamination is 'hidden'. A google search will turn up more info.

    Also Dr. Klinghardt M.D. (a major specialist for CFS/Fibro/Lyme) also says that heavy metals must be addressed in order for recovery to begin...

    hope this helps,

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    if you can get a doc to do it. Medical boards frown on chelation testing and threaten to yank a doc's license.

    I've also read that the fecal metal test is more accurate. It does not require a chelator. You can get it from www.detoxamin.com.

    I had high mercury, lead and borderline arsenic and antimony. These are now low, so there is hope. Chelation does work.

    I also have Lyme, that's going to take awhile...

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