Heel upward to ankle pain

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    I have a dr. appointment Monday to hopefully get a FM diagnosis. I have had chronic pain for years and after much research I am convinced I have it. The worse pain I have been experiencing for the last 3 months is the back of my heel up tp my ankle. It is TERRIBLE and worse during the night when I have to get up and in the morning. After I walk a bit (about 3-4 minutes) something seems to loosen and it doesnt hurt as bad, but it never totally goes away. It is a mix between something being pulled really tight and just deep pain. Ibruprofen helps sometimes a little but not totally and not all the time. I took Bextra for about 2 months that helped a little but not totally. Any ideas?
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    Hi Elaine, welcome to our world! Glad to have you join us.

    Is it possible that you have a heel spur? Mine acted just like you describled. It hurt worst during the night, and when I got up in the morning, just like you said! I would hold on to the walls before I could actually use my feet. During the day, with pads in my shoes an inch thick, I could walk, and the swelling seemed to go down durning the day.

    It took a few months for it to disintegrate, then I felt like I had slivers of fine glass in my foot for awhile.
    I also could not stand a heavy blanket on my feet at night, I finally bought a Down Conforter, that worked.

    If by chance this is what it is, its a form of arthritis, but I do have Fibro too.

    The only thing that seemed to help was; 'Joint Support'(Glucosamine and Chondroitin) or 'Joint Fuel" by Twinlab co.

    Hope you get help soon, that is so painful.

    Again, welcome to the board, and do let us know how you are doing.

    Oh yes, I also soaked my foot in Epson Salts and Peroxide. This seemed to hold the infection down.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Sounds like it may be plantar facitis- a big name for a
    hurting foot. It involves the plantar muscle under the foot that runs from the toes to the heel. It can cause a
    bond spur. Very painful - especially when you first put your foot down on the floor in the morning or after sitting down for a while. It does eventually go away whether you have treatment or not. They wrapped my foot in adhesive tape which was as bad as the pain. Good luck. Maybe you will get an answer from your doctor.
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    I am currently being treated for a heel spur using physical therapy. I also have FM and was told that the heel spur is one of the "perks" of having FM. The therapy has helped greatly. One of the home helps that was recommended to me was to freeze an empty bottle, like a water bottle, then slide a sock down onto it and roll it with your foot on the floor for about 10-15 minutes, making sure that the painful part of your foot gets the benefit of it. I have done that as well as foot stretches and all together, everything is helping. I hope you find answers to your questions. Feel free to ask away here, lots of nice people.

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    and was helped a Great Deal by going to a Podiatrist and having to buy $300 Iserts for the $150 Running Shoes I bought! I would suggest: Get a really good Pair of walking or running shoes (sneaker-type), and put into them an insert that elevates the arch of your feet.(at drug store-about $8).Wear them ALL the day!(and even to church-NO heels!). If you do not experience relief in, say, a week or two, it may be a bone spur. Then I would suggest that you DO go to a Podiatrist. I hope you find relief soon! Fibromiester
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    Welcome aboard.

    People with FMS have problems with muscles and tendons as well as connective tissue such as the facia. The Achilles (sp?) Tendon is a favorite place and is located in the heel/ankle area. Mine will hurt like the dickens if I am on my feet too long without my orthotics. One of the tendons in my arm ruptured in a boat dock accident and the doc told me the tendon was not healthy and that's probably why it snapped. I believe our tendons are unhealthy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you everyone. I will try all and hope for the best. Some of these things seem to address more the bottom of the foot but they may help. My pain is nearer to the achilles tendon (back of heel near ankle.) Glad to meet all of you and I am sure I will be here often asking questions.