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    "Hei" is not a typo, but Norskie as I'm sure you know. I read your profile and see you are from Sweden. I am from the old country myself: Minnesota. When I was a kid many decades ago everybody there was Scandihoovian or Germany.

    Now I live in California, but I belong to the Sons of Norway. Everyone at the meetings is from Minnesota, S. Dakota, Iowa, etc. Or if not from there, has relatives there.

    Is your name Lena? I have several books of Ole and Lena jokes.

    Ha det bra

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    Figures with your sense of humor you had something to do with Scandinavia! Nah, just pickin' on you! Sons of Norway, I heard lots about them, but never looked into it, I have to do that. Roots are important!

    Yes, SD had lots of Scandinavians back then (and now), I accually lived in Rapid City for 5 years before going to WA state, I worked at a homeless shelter there as a Veterans' Coordinator.

    The Lakota people often told me about their good relations with the Scandihoovians. I miss SD, very back to earth and "real" if you will.

    I am going back home withing the next 18 months or so, it will be much better for my children (education, healthcare to name a couple) I was naive when I moved here, and have been broke since,,,,LOL!

    I wouldn't trade my time here for anything, but ya know when the shoe doesn't fit anymore. I need to go home and be with my (sick,,,LOL!) family. My parents are eldery wether they like it or not (they turned 38 for the past 33 years or so).

    Norway is absolutely beautiful, I assume that's where your family originates from? The people are great (lousy drivers, though!) and very giving.

    Ha det!

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