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    Was thinking of you this morning as I've been struggling with heavy depession so much this month. I had a really hard time just getting out of bed this morning. After struggling for awhile, I picked up this book I'm reading called 'Unstuck' by James Gordon, M.D.

    Just taking that one action was something good. He works holistically with depression - foods, spirituality, vitamins, supplements, many good things.

    I decided one small change to make - I was reading about candida and mold in the book and how that can cause or increase depression. So I decided to stop eating the small dark chocolate bar I've been sharing with my husband weekly.

    Actually for me that's something big to give up - only going to eat it once a month.

    Anyhow that decision led me to a further step of getting downstairs to get some food. I had a few days where I couldn't even do that much.

    I'm going to keep working holistically on whatever I can find to help. Also took a B'complex vitamin. And had ordered some B-12 which helps some people a lot with depression.

    So, how are you doing? Have you found any little helps at all? Keeping you in my prayers - it is such a difficult thing to deal with!

    Blessings, Judy
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    I hope you are starting to feel better now.

    Take care,

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    Jam - my vit. D is good. Thyroid on my list. My Dr. agrees that the #'s are not crucial. Has other tests. Jam - I was wondering about your sister. I know you mentioned she lives in NJ - as I do. Was she okay with the hurricanes? I hope so.

    Bead - Thank you for your good wishes. My DH and I have been living in our new place for 6 months. After having to move out of our home of 21 years. I still get homesick. And also within a 2 year period - right after the hurricanes and flooding, two people close to me died. So, the grief has been a lot to deal with.

    The hardest thing to think about now is starting all over again - we have to move because I don't have the strength to live on two floors - the stairs are too much for me. But I'm trying to just focus on each day, and live in the present.