"He'll Be There"

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    ~ He’ll Be There ~

    When the dark shadows
    Crowd round about you
    And you know not which way
    To turn in the dark of night,
    Put your faith in our Lord.
    He'll tell you what to do and,
    Soon, everything will be alright.

    Sometimes, it seems
    As though He's not listening.
    But, He does hear.
    He lets us go through some dark times,
    so that we may know the suffering
    And shame He bore for us.
    But, He's always near
    And we know that we can count on Him.
    His love will set your heart aglow.

    Sometimes, in times of trouble
    Or deep sorrow, it's our Lord we blame,
    Saying, "He didn't have to let this happen."
    But, down in our hearts, we know
    That all things are for a reason
    And to blame the Lord is our shame.
    For, in our hearts, we know
    Where there's two or more, He's there, also ...

    Doing His Father's bidding,
    Even as a little boy in the Synagogue,
    Talking and asking questions,
    So that the elders were amazed ...
    Knowing, even then,
    That He was the Son of our God.
    What a Wondrous, Holy Son,
    His mother Mary did raise.

    © 2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker
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    Thank you so much for posting that!Love,Tracey