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    Hi everyone,
    WOw, I've been away from this site for about four years and I still noticed some of the same names.
    I was diagnosed with FM in 99 and have found not too much luck with anything I've tried. I also have major back issues and have had two more surgeries since I've been away from here.
    The surgeries were not a success and now am faced with what they are calling "failed back syndrome" I may be going in for one more try to get the L5-S1 area to fuse. That is what is causing the most pain, had the fusion surgery in 06 and found out just a few months ago only half of it fused. I am now on way too many pain meds to mention just to be able to function.
    I hate it! What is the strange thing is that at least the pain from my fibro has been masked quite a bit from these meds, but I'm not happy living like a zombie either.
    Anyone out there with a similar problem , I would love to talk!

    Thanks and hope to hear from someone.

    Love and very gentle hugs,

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    There is a wonderful poster you should look for that her member name starts out with Hermit (I think she calls herself Hermitlady). Although she does not have back fusing, she has had problems from fibro and many other conditions. The many meds she took for so long, eventually left her wanting to come off them all and she went into a rehab place for a week to come off them. She's been out for a while but in a lot of pain and although struggling, has been searching for other ways to reduce pain. If you meet her, you will like her and I think she can offer you so much info from her situation.

    Good luck and hugs.