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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by EllieBo, Nov 9, 2003.

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    Hi, just got out of the hospital again had a blood clot on my incision site and it was pressing on my throat so couldn't swallow well. Now have a stainless steel plate and screws in my neck so it is more painful. Dr. says in six weeks should feel less pain. So now my throat looks like a railroad track. Probably won't be able to go back to work as a nurse so now what? Just keep praying. thanks for your thoughts and prayers love ellie
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    I want you to know that I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sorry to hear about your setback. Your doc is correct, the pain will lessen significantly in the next few weeks. Until then, keep on top of the pain with your meds and take it easy. Soon, I will have a matching set of tracks, as I have to have another operation on my cervical disks.

    I don't remember, have you already gotten started on your SSDI? If not, do so now. You can do this by phone, or apply over the internet.

    Take care & chin up!

    Love, hugs & prayers, Sherie
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    I'm an R.N. and have had two friends who were R.N.'s. One of my friends thought that she'd never be able to return to work again due to the amount of physical activity that working as an R.N. required. She is now working in a clinic as a supervisor, and absolutely loves it! She doesn't have to lift, struggle with small children, or anything that might require that she go beyond her limits.

    I guess I'm saying these things to give you a hope that you may be able to work as a nurse despite limited physical capabilities. Of course, everyone's limitations are unique. Whatever your course, I'm confident that God has a plan for you right where you will be!

    L, Jeannette
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    Thinking about you tonite and sending prayers up for you. You`ve been through so much, you`re an inspiration let me tell you.

    Did you have DDD? I have that now and it can get so painful. A lot of days it just kills me to hold my head up. I haven`t had any surgery for it yet but I`m afraid it will come someday. Its getting harder and harder for me to just go for a long car ride.

    I pray that you`ll be able to go back to nursing or find another job you love. please keep in touch with us. You`ve touched us with your posts.

    Best wishes,
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    Despite all the negative downsides to nursing, which as a RN I could spend hours describing, there is also an upside. Nurses can do a variety of duties.

    I am certain that when you are recovered enough to try working again, your smart brain will think of something to do.

    For example, home health nursing as an aid supervisor. They make home visits to assess that the aids are doing their jobs. Or how about managing the calls on a crisis line or at a home health agency. There is always something new waiting for you. Let the Lord guide you!

    May blessings and health come your way!