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    I post often, but few reply, would like to correspond with other caregivers, I am struggling every day and from what has been posted in past, many of you are also, mabe too busy or wrapped up in your chores, and I do understand that, yesterday was a short day at work, went to my daughters, she was sooooo sick, she loves the fms/cfs and worship board, was too sick to even look at the screen, made her dizzy, the smell of perfume at church the night before put her in a sinus flar, she could hardly hold her head up, made her pork loin, fresh squash, watermelon, red potatoes, after she ate felt better, so you see if I was not there for her, what would happen? now today, will go to work, take care of my other daughters kids for her and hubby to go on week end trip for anniversery, and of course see about willow, this may be boring to you, but to me, helps just to write, so thanks for letting me do that, hope all have a wonderful day.
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    I love hearing about your day. Gives me some motivation to make mine a little more productive. I can sympathize with Willow and the perfume. It doesn't affect my sinus's just gives me a major migraine. Why do grocery stores and pharmacies have to sell sented candles and insence and stinky stuff like that. Makes getting out to the stores pure hell. Here in Canada drug stores can't sell cigarettes as they are a health hazzard but they can sell perfumes and other things that really set off health problems. People just buy the cigarettes in the store they don't smoke them so the health risks to others is not there at the moment.
    How long has your daughter been married. Don and I have been married 27 years April 30. Seems like I have only known him for a little while and yet it seems like I have known him forever. I met him and we got married and we were not supposed to last together 6 months let alone 27 years.
    I like hearing happy stuff in people's lives. Bonnie Q has a new granddaughter and she is so excited. That makes 4 2 boys 2 girls and she says that is all the kids wanted 1 of each for both of them and they live nice and close.
    Raymond says if finances turn out right he and his son Sean will come up this week for a couple of days. Can hardly wait to see them. Christie can't make it as she is working. She works at the tax dept. so this is a busy time for them. Raymond is working part time and on pogie. Not many welding co. are hiring in the winter so he only works on weekends.
    Anyway take care