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    Hello again,

    I have been away from this board for quite some time now, and as far as I can tell, there are just a handful of people still here that I remeber. At first I thought wow, maybe I should just stay away rather than try to form new relationships all over again, and then something hit me. It was complete sadness that most, or many have faded away, but there's a whole new group of people suffering. Someday I hope to come here and there be no one left because the reasons for being here no longer exist. As hopeful as we are for a cure for all of our ailments, I am sure those past, present, and future will be here for a long time to come. And so what if we have to create new friendships every few months........what a blessing for us to be able to do so!
    I wanted to jump on for a minut and introduce myself. My name is Stacie. I am 32 years old and was diagnosed three years ago with CFIDS, FM, IBS, PTSD, and a barage of other things that all seem to mount up to making me feel like crap everyday, so I try not to dwell on them until someone tells me how to fix them : ) I just get by day by day as best as I can with a smile on my face (even if I have to grit my teeth to do so.
    I notice from time to time that aside from my body working devilishly against me, I have to find a way to keep my mind settled and filled with positive knowledge in an attempt to keep myself sane, in a world that thinks me insane!
    I read a lot when my brain can calculate it and process the information.
    I just finished reading a book that I highly recommend to anyone needing some positive reinforcement about daily life.
    It is "The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino. Don't let the name fool you. If you plan to be a salesman, sure it is good for you! But it's so much more than that. I got my copy at the library........check it out!
    So peace to all of you, and I hope to get to know as many of you that are willing to extend there friendships......I will always do the same.
    P.S.........Hello Micki.....nice to see you again...hope you are well : )
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