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    Havent been on in a while. Now that I have been back to work and the four kids back to school I have NO TIME for anything thats for sure.

    I have missed coming here though. I find myself in a more isolated and desolate place than I have been in a very long time.

    I went to church today. We missed last week. BUt today we went in front of the entire church and vowed to be members now. It felt good...BUT I am not sure what our obligations are. You see, we missed the dinner at Bens house last week which went over eveyrthing to become a member.
    Now I feel sort of guilty for excepting...am I being silly?

    Anyway, miss you all. You are all still in my prayers all the time even though I havent been on much.

    I am struggling in my marriage and being a parent and just within myself so I ask that you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say a prayer for God to help me. I truly feel like his lost lamb and the whole world is against me.

    HUGS to you all! God Bless!
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    If it makes you feel better, when my hubby and became members of our church we missed the dinner thing too. I would not feel guilty. Maybe if it would make you feel better ask the pastor over for dinner, they always to eat!

    Did your husband become a member too? If so, you two should go to your pastor and ask about getting some counseling.

    Remeber you are never lost to God, he is with you. About two weeks ago I felt like God was far from me, then it hit me, I was the one far from Him. So I drew closer and bam, my spirits lifted drastically.

    Father, I pray right now that Diane will draw closer to you and continue to seek You, like she is now. Lord, I pray that her and her husband will cling to each other now and that this time will draw the two of them closer and stronger. I also ask that you will give her peace of mind about being a good parent and assure her of her greatness in being a mom. I ask this in Jesus name, AMEN!
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    It is so true that God doesn't move away from us, but we from Him. The closeness to God is what makes the best days and times of life.
    Diane, trust Him to draw you close to Himself, and to be active in your life and the issues that concern you. Ask Him for direction in all of it, then believe and trust that He is handling it. He will show you one step at a time what you are to do.
  4. another_painful_day

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    I know I have drifted again....I also know that the Lord never leaves my side and that I AM THE ONE who drifts away from him. I have been struggling so much lately in EVERY aspect of my life and barely keeping my head above the water...some days I am literally drowning....other days I have a sense of overwhelming peace. Today isnt one of those days.

    Yes...my hubby stood with me in front of the whole church today...he is a child of this church so Ben, our Pastor, knows his family very well so my hubby is very honored and Ben is very happy. I too feel a sense of "Belonging" now and it feels great. The children (well, the 3 girls, not the boy though ) are all in childrens Chior and also the Hand Bell chior and its their first year doing it. We also are sending my step-daughter and my daughter on the Youth Retreat in November which even though money is real bad, we will find a way to pay it because we feel it will also help them become more spiritual and grow closer to God.

    Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for your prayers. I have BEGGED my husband for us to sit with Ben to help our marriage but he tends to turn his cheek and is in denial of our troubles and feels everything is just dandy....when in fact it hasnt been and we are just married over an year now. Im not sure what to do anymore. I cry alot...I yell alot...and I am angry alot. Geeeeee, now wonder why I feel so bad.

    I have alot on my plate too. I am suppose to schedule my stomach surgery (Fundoplication) and because I am basically a MOM OF FIVE instead of four (if ya know what I mean...Hubby makes child #5) and I started a new job and I cant end up out of commission for a week or two from the surgery, well, I am basically stalling it.

    Theres so much more...Im struggling...Im so sad...and I also feel so horribly guilty for being sooooooo angry with my husband. He has a Big heart and hed die for me, my kids or his kids he really would. But he also has a Brain injury that causes him to forget things ALOT and well, basically, he has NO common sense (which I am not sure if thats from the Brain injury or because hes a man and thats a man thing LOL!).

    Thanks for listening.

  5. Lupian

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    You do indeed have a lot on your plate. I am praying for you, and want to suggest: if husband won't go to counseling with you, you go! It has to start somewhere, and if he sees it helping you, that may be what draws him as well. I pray the best for you and the entire family.