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    Just stopping in to say hi to everyone. Been pretty busy lately. I've found some homeopathic remedies that have been working well for me. I also found on an unrelated website a naturopath in a nearby town to work with me since there are no doctors who believe in me. Things are slowly improving here, but some improvement is being noticed and people who i work with or people who come into the store have been noticing the changes.

    I've been pretty busy and my computer time has been cut even shorter so i will be stopping in even less.

    (((((hugs)))) to all
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    I've been taking Hyland's homeopathic arthritis pain formula. I checked out their website and they have a lot of remedies for many things. they have been in business for over 100 years.

    I wouldn't take anything without consultation though. I've been checking with a doctor friend of mine before taking anything. He knows of all the things i've tried and he's closely watching what i do. He knows about some of the reactions I've had and he's aware of the flexeril episode.

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    Just have a minute but want to say I'm very happy you are finding something that seems to be helping. We all have to do our own research and the "trial and error" thing to find what works for us.

    I have tried so many things, thought they were helping, and then they stopped as suddenly as the started. Hope it continues for you. If not, there is always something else. The thing is to never give up!!

    Friends - Jole
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    continue to improve for you.
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    thanks guys i'll keep everyone posted about anything i find out. I hope it'll continue to work. something has to