Hello all

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    Hello all

    This is my first message so I don’t know how I should start really. The reason for this message is because I am feeling terrible over a number of things. I think my partner wants to end our relationship but is scared to as it is no easy thing. I keep changing my mind what the reasons could be either its: weight gain, facial hair, lack of children and all the other bits that come with pcos. A part of me wants to make the spit and that way it’s easier on him (then am I to blame for the break up?) The other part is that I have to lose weight I have joined the gym and go 3 times a week as well as talking the dogs for a walk everyday. I do have the help to get pregnant if I LOSE the weight as the doctors can give medication but when I am feeling under so much pressure and down I eat more I guess I am in catch 22. Thank you for listening or reading in this case I feel a bit better already.

    Anne Marie