Hello and Thank You for your responses to my question about meds.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suziieq, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. suziieq

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    I just want to thank everyone who responded to my questions about med sensitivities....wow....thanks so very much that was very kind of you.

    I think the worse part of being med sensitive is that it causes my husband pain as well as me. He hates to see me depressed and in pain and doesn't understand why I can't take anything to help and its hard for him to understand after all the bad experiences I have had why I am afraid to try anything new.

    Unfortunatly with this disease, suffering seems to be just something we have to deal with. Our partners have a hard time of it understanding why.....but then again....so do we.

    Thanks again

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    I responded to your other post, as one with drug & food sensitivities. I know what you mean---my husband is a pretty healthy Type II diabetic; he runs 5 miles 5x a week, is a good weight, but he has to take oral meds for diabetes plus high cholesterol (which is a common problem for diabetics)----he never has drug side effects no matter what he takes! He can take any antibiotic, etc--no problems. Me? When they ask me what drugs I'm allergic to, I usually say "Here's what I'm NOT allergic to; it's a shorter list". So I know what you're talking about; sometimes my hubby will hear about some new drug and say "Why don't you try that one??" At this point, I'm hesitant to try anything much.....

    Oh, well; just one of the many frustrations with FM!!

    Take care & hope you feel better,
  3. suziieq

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    My husband has degenerative disc disease, however he can take muscle relaxants and vicodin so at least can get relief. I envy him...the brat. He says the same thing every time someone mentions a new drug.....can't understand the fear I have of trying anything new....oh well...he is skinny too...not fair.....ha ha ha

    Well thanks for the response.....they all help alot...just sharing with others in the same boat helps a lot.