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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Are you watching the duel between Sighn and Woods?
    Tiger is in front by two. Boy, this will be Five in
    a row if Woods wins this one!

    Danny's going to have his talk with God and Jesus in a
    little while. It's so sweet! I'm on the edge of my chair
    in anticipation, aren't you! Let me know what They tell
    him. They (with a Capital "T").

    It's a really wonderful relationship that you two have!
    We shall "talk" later,
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks MRDAD
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Danny informed me that God and Jesus were too busy to show up, they were helping someone else, but actually they were playing golf!!!

    He said he just had a chat now and his uncle was going to be OK but they used long words he did not understand, so he was not sure what they said.

    What a riot.

    Dan snr watched a little of the golf until I dragged hi away to do chores(spoiler).

    We had to take our car in to be fixed early this morning, speedo went out, engine light came on, car is dragging. Fortunately we could borrow a car off a relative to get us there and back, so Dan has not checked the golf this morning so don't know if Tiger won.

    School starts tomorrow. They had promised to get Danny's schedule to us a week ahead, but still no sign. We will try at least to get it today. It took Danny three weeks to learn half of the Summer school teacher's name(7 kids one teacher) so having ten periods and as many if not more teachers will be a total nightmare. Did I tell you we are having to go in and shadow him all day. He is already a nervous wreck worrying about it all. I am not too hopeful this is going to come close to working, but I refuse to have them shove him in a class where the kids all have IQ's below 69 to qualify attendance, which is what they offered, or with the behavior disordered kids, the only other option.

    How is your day?

    Love Anne
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    OH ANNE,
    Damn!! I just deleted a whole long return "note" to you!
    And my Secretary just left to get us Coffee!! She was
    starting to get a little heavy on my lap, so good thing!

    I knew something was going on yesterday as I didn't see
    you much on the Board. It was so slow that I even responded
    to one of Rockgor's Posts!! (Sorry Rocky) Anywho, Tiger as
    you know by now accomplished # 5 in a row. It was tight
    with Singh for a while there, but he came through again!
    When I use to play with O.J. Simpson here in kollidge in
    the '60's, I used to "pad my score". similar to V. Singh!

    Glad that at least God and His Son Jesus did manage to get
    back with Danny albeit briefly. Doesn't look "Good" for
    Them when They don't keep Their Word! I realize that They
    have many, many world wide if not Universal responsiblities
    to attend to. However, I think there should be a "first
    come"--"first serve" basis. Maybe numbers like they use at
    the Butcher Shop. But I'm glad They rendered some Good
    news to Danny!

    Have you considered the possibility of a combo of class and
    home teaching for Danny? It might be much easier on both
    of you if it is at all feasible. I would think that you
    certainly are more than qualified to handle the home part!
    Just worried a bi that it will be too much on both of you.

    Oh! My Secretary just came back with the Coffee!! Gonna
    take a break now. Will continue the conver. later, OK?

    You and Danny have a great day!!

  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You are a riot. What I keep meaning to ask you is when you were in college did OJ ever borrow your glove?

    Bad joke....uk

    Yes, we have done that dual teach home/school thing. In fact I have to say this is how Danny learned what he has after 2nd grade, as he learned it at home.

    I am about to call and see if we can get his schedule.

    Weird thing, since I swung the clubs, alhtough I got very sore from them, my neck is a great deal better, so I think I must have clicked something back into place.

    However, isn't this the way? The second I start feeling better aches and pains, my stomach is acting up like mad today with stabbing pains. Just about to have a "coddled egg" for lunch.

    Well I will be off. Glad Tiger pulled off the 5th.

    Love Anne

    ps Danny is drawing a beautiful male angel, in a frilly dress, with red hair and what looks a lot like soccer boots with bows on to send to his uncle.
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ask Danny if he can draw a "doublecate" angel for me.
    You know, the male angel in the frilly dress. Might
    be able to have my Son's friend "silk screen" some
    T-shirts to sell! I live only Four Blocks east of
    Castro St. here in the City. They will love them there!!

    I haven't seen O.J. in years. I use to "drop his name alot
    to impress people". I confessed (if I can use that term)
    to him that fact one time. I remember him saying to me at
    that point, "well I try to do the same of you, but
    nobody has ever heard of YOU, MRDAD". Tragically, no need for me to
    envy his fame any longer! Don't think I ever lent him a
    glove but I do recall some money .75 cents for a bucket
    of golf balls at the driving range. He did pay me back.

    Ironically I also went to H.S. with the fellow who assass-
    inated Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk in S.F. City Hall.
    My older Bro. worked across the Hall in the Assessor's
    office when it occurred! I'm real careful in my advancing
    years with whom I associate.

    Gonna' make some lunch for myself while my Secretary's
    out having hers! When she goes with her BF, she's always
    late getting back for some reason.

    Ask Danny at the next opportunity to inquire of God next
    time if those "frilly angels" sit on His right or left
    up there and whether they had to past an amendment on the
    commandments to be there??

    Bye 4 now,

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  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    darn it! I already put them in the post. My color print must be off as one of the angels(the original) ended up with orange sleeves, a blue dress with yellow frill, green soccer boots I think with some other colr bow and brown gloves on. The copy ended up being entirely different colors!!! More into purples.

    I have to tell you that Danny "died" a couple of times and when he was younger, well once he got language when he was about 5, he used to talk all the time about being in the policeman's arms (and this is true a cop did save him) and going up to heaven and playing with Jesus for a while then God sending him back to us. We asked him to describe God and he said "He is a big scribble of lightning in circles".

    Often at night we would find him "laughing and beaming and actually making eye contact with his friend Jesus" although in daytime he would not make eye contact, stared into a corner all day and never laughed. Clearly he was communicating with something. Also, when he was about 5 and had language and started talking, he would visit sick people and put his hand on "the purple patch" on their bodies and say he was going to heal them.

    This is amazing really as he was not really exposed much to traditional religious thinking, except I sang in the choir in the small village church, but we could rarely take him due to his screaming. However, the first word he ever spoke and the first eye contact he ever made was after the Christmas Eve Service when we were driving around the village, very New England, covered in snow and all lit up. He laughed for the first time, pointed, and said "Yites" then he continued saying yites (lights) for about two months almost non stop.

    From then on it was progress all the way. Now he never stops talking and already has a deep voice.

    I usually do take a copy of his work, darn it, I will see if I can grab the mail back.

    Love Anne
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As you relate the Story about Danny I find it most curious
    and very plausible. Although I spent 12 years in Catho-
    lic school, I'm not much on institutional religion. That
    being said, I do feel Danny's experience has a possible
    level of acceptable provability! I do believe there is
    a positive energy for good that is there and maybe can
    be described as "God". Not so sure about the Bibical
    Devil description and many accounts in the Old Testments??

    I'm not going to present this Theological discourse on
    the Religious Board though! I've disregarded "The True
    Believer" circles years and years ago!

    Many mysteries few explanations and I guess that's why
    they call it Faith.

    Hello to Danny and let me know what happens with the
    issue of the new school year.

    "Talk later"

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yes I am with you on this one. No time for dogma and orgaized stuff but I do like the idea of a greater good and although Danny personalizes things this way, he really describes things in a far more esoteric sense.

    Going to hop in a hot bath.

    Love Anne

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