Hello, anybody out there?

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    PART 1
    I know that I have been off for a while, but not really off. I have been reading and reading. Everybody seems to help. I appetite it when I can read up on things. Thank you!

    PART 2
    I live at home and when I am here they seem to always come to me for the answers. Thing is that it always stresses me out. Does any body else get this?

    PART 3
    I have this friend that has gradually became my boy-friend, thing is that I have learned how not to mention out loud about my FMS. I have been dating him for about two months and just wonder when the right time is to tell him. Mom says that I am not being true to him for not telling him. Even though I know I am an adult I don’t want to have him get it from some place else.

    PART 3B
    Why is it when a lady is in stress that is when the men flock to her? Or doesn't anybody else seem to find this?
  2. kats1978

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    But when I get stressed out my emotions tend to die out and I sometimes shut down. So being truthful, for me I don't thing that is the case
  3. kats1978

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    I guess that I am all alone here.
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    hey how u feeling these days?