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    *** Just got on ,,are you feeling any better?

    i know how it feels when you are not feeling well

    well {Mom} is back in the hosp. her left foot

    is getting black and blue no circlation

    she`s a diabetic so you know what`s going to

    happen she`s awared of everthing this is

    going to take a big toll on her but she`s had

    so many surgery`s to help her not

    to get to this point but it hasn`t help

    at all. and me not feeling well myself

    i couldn`t walk today i was in so much

    pain today ,,but i had to be there for her

    today ,,,,but it`s amazing Bluerose7!

    what she told me if i {go} i`ll be leave knowing

    that you are very cared for ,,, and i`m glad that

    you won the ssd ,,,because i know that you

    are sick ,,i told her {Mother} you are not leaving

    you are a strong woman you are going to beat

    this and of course we both starting to cry.

    So Bluerose7 ,,, we won`t know nothing until

    monday to see what they are going to do,,,

    i`m so worried ,,please keep praying for my {mom}

    till we know something i won`t be able

    to sleep,,, till next time Bluerose7,,,,gmom,,,,

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    Oh I am so so sorry to hear all this about your mom and being back in the hosptial...You definately have my Prayers!!! I hope she want have to have this done!!! I know she is a tough lady though!! My dad is diabetic too...he has lost all vision in one eye and slowly loseing it in his other eye, his feet and legs bother him alot too....So I know what your going through...always something to worry and stress over!! But your mom is a tough cookie and sounds like a sweet heart...I will be praying for you ALL!!

    Let me know what the docs says on Monday!! Be sure to get you plenty of rest OK....I know it's not easy but try not to worry yourself...you'll only feel worse. You take care of yourself ok!!

    For me...I'm not feeling any better...this cold/sinus infection has really gotten me down....been in bed all week now, except for getting on here for a few. You know how it is when you get anything else ontop of what we already deal with...it's HARD!! Seems I have no immune system at all...my body gets so weak...but I pray i'll be feeling a little better soon!! My mom is wanting us to come over to her house to break in the New year tomorrow night...not sure if im going to be able to make it or not.

    You and yours are in my prayers!! I'll try to check back in Monday evening ok!!

    Happy New Year!!! I hope all of us will have a better, brighter and blessed New Year!!

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers coming your way!!

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    Bump...not sure if you had seen my last post back to you!!

    How are you doing?? Hope your feeling better!! I feel a little better...but still right sick!

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    Just got on and yes i saw your post ,,thanks i `ve
    been feeling bad ,my legs ,``girl,`` they hurt alot
    i don`t know if you remember back then that they use
    to hurt so much then they stop hurting for awhile
    but i have a feeling it might be the Lipitor,,What
    do you think? of course is just been 10 days i`ve been
    on them,,, and also i`ve having real bad headaches,too
    back then i was taking altropve 60mg for high chol.
    so my rhumy. took them from me and months later pain
    from legs stop, i do have some pain but not as much as now wow! they hurt.i feel like i`m carry 50 pounds
    of water on each leg,,, but i`ll give couple of more
    days see what happens.

    And {Mom}well they have her with so much meds.
    that she`s alsleep she`s not feeling anything
    just waiting for the Dr. take care Bluerose ,,gmom,,,

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    Sorry your legs are hurting again...I know that feeling all to well. You know you never know about new meds...it could be the liptor...it's possible it could be giving you the headaches as well...just keep a eye on it for a few more days and if your feeling the same...be sure to call or go in to see your doctor!!

    My legs hurt really bad too and swell really bad...they have been for years...the docs have done about every test you can think of to figure out why I swell so bad...I just dont know!!

    I'm glad your mom is at least feeling no pain....I pray everything works out ok...Please let us know what the docs say when you hear something!!

    You and your family always in my prayers!!

    ((Hugs)) & Prayers
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    HI Sweetie,,, nothing yet,,mom still the same,,gosh!!
    this DR. take there sweet time don`t they?
    Have they ever found why your legs hurt so much?
    the Dr, told me it might be my sciatica nerve that`s
    doing all that,,,i can`t stand not even 20 min
    or sit to long i have to lay down,,even laying down
    my legs are just twitching. they hurt! but like you said i`ll try couple of days and pain keeps like that
    i`ll go and see the dr.

    Take Care,Bluerose,,have you in my
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    i haven`t gone to see mom ,i`ve been so sick from my

    legs they are getting worse on top of everthing else

    i got so bad i couldn`t go to the bath room you know

    {what i mean}i`ve been crying my heart out since this

    morning i had to cancel my app with Dr.for those shots

    he gives me for my back,,,then my sister calls me and

    tells me mom is getting worse ,,that made me cry more

    and she`s about 100 miles away in the hosp.i hardly

    can sit ,i`ve been running fever ,,just wanted let you

    know,,and got offical letter today from ss.,,gmom,,,

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    I am so so Sorry hun you are going through all of this, my heart goes out to you....I so wished there was something I could do....what I can do though is Pray....I am praying for you hun and your mother.

    Please have some one to take you to see your doctor...let him know how bad your legs are....I pray something can be done. Do you have anything to take for the pain?? I hate to hear that your mother is getting worse....I know how hard that has to be...but dont get upset that you can't see her right now.....your sick and hurting hun....and your mom knows you love her and thinking about her....

    Please get you plenty of rest...Be sure to stay off your legs and feet as much as you can until you see what the doc can do...I know that laying down hurts as well, but not as bad as standing and sitting....If you get any worse PLEASE dont wait around to see a doc even if you have to go to the ER!! Take Care of yourself and I am praying for you and your mom.

    BIG Gentle (((((Hugs)))) & Many Prayers