hello do you have to cfs to have fibro?

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  1. jenniferand2

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    do you have to have cfs to have fibro? i am new at this i was just dxed and i dont think i have fibro. my only symptoms are back, neck, chest shoulders, hands, feet, knees, not the hips or thighs but the low legs, it is intense pain not a burning pain it is more stabbing. i am so confused. some one please give me some insight.
  2. Janalynn

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    No, I have Fibro, not CFS. You were diagnosed with CFS? Is that what you're saying? Many times people do have both.
    You don't have to have a burning pain either. We all have different kinds of pain. Mine is an intense ache to the bone type pain - mostly in my legs, sometimes in my arms though.

    I'm not sure if your dr's think you have Fibro and you don't or if you were diagnosed with CFS and think you have to have Fibro, but don't think you do?
  3. jenniferand2

    jenniferand2 New Member

    i was dxed with fibro not cfs i have debilitating pain in my back neck and chest. it is a stabbing pain though not a burning pain. could this still be fibro?
  4. landra

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    Chronic Fatigue is chacterized by extreme fatigue, and with body aches like the flu. [Other symptoms as well - but they can be shared so don't help seperate the 2.]

    Fibro's main diagnosis is pain. As I understand you don't have to have pain at all the points, so it seems your list would be enough. And it can be different pain(s).

    I have CFS, no fibro. (At least not yet - seems to be moving that way.) Others on here have fibro but not CFS. As i said, there is overlap in the symptoms so that makes it even more confusing.

    good luck, and keep posting. People have a lot of knowledge here.
  5. jenniferand2

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    ty landra you made it more clear for me
  6. Janalynn

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    There is a recent thread on here about pain. Something like "what is your fibromyalgia pain like". You'll see that there are many similarities and many differences as well. One thing to remember is that describing pain can be very difficult! But pain is pain, and it's your pain.

    I've gone through stages where I've doubted my diagnoses. I think that can be a fairly normal stage - then I read posts and it is exactly me. I think in some ways I just still don't want to believe it. Even after all of these years.
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    With FMS you have to have at least 11 out of 18 pressure points and CFS only 2. Both have cognitive disorders and both have fatigue and pain.

  8. mjwarchol

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    No you don't. I was diagnosed with fibro in 1984. I joined a support group years later. Most of the girls had both. I never had fatigue until 1997. That's when I was diagnosed with the CFS. I think the CFS is worse than the fibro. I can deal with pain using meds etc, but when you have no energy to do anything it's awful.

    Some days the pain is worse than the fatigue, and on others it's the opposite. My major pain when diagnosed was neck and shoulders. Now years later my hips and legs are the worst and my neck and shoulders are near as bad as they were.

    M J