hello does anyone know of any supplements for fibrofog?

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    Honestly i often feel like im getting early onset dementia..

    I put my poridge oats in the microwave and i could smell burning, id forgotten to put the milk in with them. Then ive poured the kettle and havent refilled it and have ended up with a cup of limescale instead of tea, i put the milk in the cupbosrd instead of the fridge, and ive bashed my head on the TV unit as ive switched on the televsion, all in the space of 20 minutes. I mean sometimes i can laugh if i get my words back to front, but there are times today included, where i feel unsafe living in the house let alone leaving it to go shopping which i really need to do. It does scare me sometimes.

    My rheumy said we have lack of grey matter in the hippocampus of the brain (memory) i can well believe it, he prescribed a dopamine antagonist ( i suffer RLS to, but i read the side effects and it said compulsive gambling, complusive sex addiction, complusive shopping, and falling asleep without warning (i thought that will make a fun driving experience).

    So i didnt take them. Ive woken up with chronic neck pain and throbbing headache so im not exactly feeling the happiest bunny alive.
    Be grateful for any suggestions..(oh ive taken D Ribose before with no effect except for the one made on my pocket (very expensive), in fact it made me more tired, i was told that might be bevause its a deriative of sugar, so not everyone tolerates it.

    Many thanks


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    You touched on another problem i have allergies to but they haven't determined the cause due to go to a hospital in london, im on antihistamines all the time.

    Great i'll get some.

    Many Thanks


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    How much should i take i weigh approx 105 pounds maybe bit less ( i dont own scales just go by the tightness of my clothing) i need to gain some but i find it difficult to keep it on thats why i was asking about creatine and inflamation with RA in others posts.

    anyway what would be the amount for Grape seed extract?


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    Hi Ameile - you might check out this thread from this board:

    See dholmes post where he talks about B12 (sublingual methylcobalamin), methylfolate and adenosylcobalamin (dibencozide, another form of B12) helping him. I've read of other people too who were helped by B12.

    And one poster talks about grapeseed extract, as does Jaminhealth. And another says try cutting out wheat.

    If you do a search at the top of this page for fibrofog or brainfog, you can find more info - good luck!

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    I'll check that out now Mary thank you.

    Gosh Jaminhealth you wasnt kidding about the Pine tree bark its twice the price of grape seed extract.

    If i can just get rid of or improve this one symptom it would be a bonus.

    Right im going to check out them recommended threads

    Thanks again


    Ok thanks for the dosage and added info on blood thinners. I am not on any but thanks for that its always beneficial to know in case of passing suggestions on. [This Message was Edited on 04/01/2013]
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    Never mentioned a thyroid problem. Yes im from london, england. The pycnogenal is £24.99 twice the price of grape seed. Not sure what that converts to in dollars.

    Ive been off the wheat for about 3 weeks now, no sign in improvement regarding fog, however, and i say this with trepidation, it appears to be helping with ibs, and collitis (i hope i will not be eating my words over that), although if i feel to clumsy to get to the shops at least i wont go hungry.

    It really has been a bad day, i hope tomorow is better because it can really give my confidence a good knocking. Spilt a cup of hot tea down myself latrr on today. Went to the cutlery draw to get a knife to eat my apple, sat down and instead i was holding a spoon, how did i miss that? Ive never tried to slice an apple with a spoon before but i would think its pretty much impossible, then when i got the knife i thought to myself, how safe am i with this based on the day so far? Maybe i should get some plastic cutlery for days like this. Just hope i can feel safe enough to get in the car and get some shopping. These are the days i think it would be safer for me and everyone else on the planet if i go back to bed i really do.

    I'll run these suggestions past my rheumy and dermatologist to check they wont cause any interactions but i am really eager to try them.

    Thank you

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    ..So you can have a normal tsh and still have an issue? Ive roughly heard about T3 and T4, but because my tsh was ok, id thought its fine. You are right though in england they do not test T3 and T4 mainly because of expense. We have an organisstion that tests for all thyroid factors i think it costs £50. Might be worth paying for it even if its just to discount it. My grandfather had thyroid issues that went undiagnosed for many years.

    Thank you for that its all given me food for thought, things to ask for, and a little hope that there maybe altetnatives that can help with my symptoms.

    Very grateful

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    counter to brain fog is EXERCISE. But I doubt anyone will want to believe it. Some supplements help but it comes down to the fact that people with ME and FM do not exercise enough. It is the same in all neuro-psychological disease, including multiple sclerosis and alzheimers.

    Also : grey matter volume is a function primarily of two things:
    sun exposure (and possibly vitamin D status)
    and physical exercise. These are both co-related to blood volume.

    This is also the case in Multiple Sclerosis.
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