Hello everyone :) Anyone know cymbalta or lyrica?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by saille, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. saille

    saille New Member

    My name is meg is i'm 21 and its awesome to see a boared that isnt a false front for different drug sales pitchs or whatnot. Very nice lady showed it to me anywho. So i have been haveing an onset of mild symptoms since a car wreck last december until very bad chiropracter the following june and i have been pretty much house bound even some days/weeks bed ridden since.

    My family doc was the first to say FMS. Every other medicale person seems *very* hesitent to go with him on it but no one is hesitent to push pills. I'm bi polar but tent to think the bi polar meds make me just flat lined and i have avoided them after trying to many with bad outcomes. plus no health insurance.

    Does anyone here have experiances with flexirol,cymbalta, or lyrica?
    I am trying to gage what is normal in all of this which is fustrating when people say " you look fine" or "its just mind over matter"

    Sorry to post such a long messege but one last question is if anyone in here has a problem with a pressure or crushing sensation along the spine and in the skull and if so what works for that? I refuse narcotic pain pills as part of the normal treatment and the things i do have , heat or cold stretching, muscle relaxer, migrain med, light rubbing nothing works other than barely takeing off the edge if 10 is giveing up and going to the ER for the percosets they keep me at about 8 or 9. Sorry to rant i'm just very very lost in woods and debt. Kudos and sorry i cant spell.


  2. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    Hi there and welcome. :)

    I have been using Lyrica oh! since end of August. My physician has been increasing the dosage each month, titering me up.

    Anyway I take it with Ultram and it seems to help me. It keeps me from a 9-10 to an almost manageable 3-4. I don't want anything to extreme and these two seem to be a good combo. No side effects, unless I take them with my Mirapex, then my blood sugar drops. I also do pressure point therapy once a week right now, and warm baths, and electric blanket at night for muscle aches and myoclonic jerks.

    Just a note, but read some of the post by prickles, she has some great information on how to try to control the pain naturally and other options. (Go up to Search and put in prickles and then on By click on Username) Check under some of the welcome ones she has for newbies.
    I hope you don't mind prickles, I know you are gone home this weekend and just wanted to help. I know you would if you were here. :)

    Take care and kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,
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  3. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Don't know anything about cymbalta. Have been on flexeril. It didn't do anything for me. I am currently waiting for approval for Lyrica. Sorry I can't be more help. Hopefully others will respond.
  4. saille

    saille New Member

    Thank you for the directions and shareing your experiaces with everything its very much appreciated. The medical world is bonkers.

    Swedeboy I'm sorry to hear about yoru reaction to the cymbalta .Zoloft destroyed my digestion track. Can i ask if it was the gasrto intestinal or moode issues? I'm going to search through posts as well. TY

    Iowa its great the lyrica is working for you. The only have me up to 150mg twice a day. Its makes me a lil spacey but i'm blonde so not many notice LOL. I will definantly read through prickles posts. I'm a first degree reiki and that has been a big dent as well my friends working for me.Hooray for hullistics!!

    Caffey i really hope you get approved for Lyrica cuase it can help take the edge off. Flexirol did help me but i am building a tollerance to it.

    I really wish brightest blessings for all you and ty again. Take care!


  5. saille

    saille New Member

    Cymbalta really doesnt seem to be doing anyone much good from what understand. I was researching and found that they are also going to remarket Lyrica as an anti depressent as well. So takeing two?? that gives me red flags. However Merlot and Chocolate now that i could gladly look forward to as my evening meds. LOL. Off to the store with me and thank you prickles!


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