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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by zenouchy, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. zenouchy

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    Hi Kiddos,

    Hope you all are well. I haven't been posting much lately, and I've missed y'all! July was just a wacky month!

    It started out with usually normal neighbors who turn into pyromaniacs during the 4th of July setting off fireworks for about 4 hours + nightly for two weeks. The noise was so obscenely loud, that it left me shaken (not stirred---martinis?) and unable to sleep well at all. EEEKS! We have no noise ordinance in our county, so that really messes things up.

    Add to that what Joy (my neighbor a few blocks away!) has probably told you about: this bizarro flooding. We've had what our meterologists have called "rain bombs". I've had to unplug the computer and every appliance in the house so many times I've lost count.

    And for the trifecta---I've got some funky carpal tunnel syndrome going on, so my doc has advised me not to type so much . It's helped a lot, so well, now I'm typing again. (I'm sure that's just what my doc had in mind!) I have to get a nerve conduction test, but as we are all "guinea pigs", I'm thinking this test shouldn't be too bad.

    So, August is here--- the rain seems to be gone, the pyromaniacs have crawled back in their holes, and all is back to a "dull roar". How are YOU ALL doing?

    Have a great day everyone,


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  2. rockgor

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    good grief, Erika! What a lot of craziness all at once.

    I guess you can't do much about the rain or the neighbors. Are you wearing a brace on your wrist?

    One of my coworkers had carpal tunnel. She had an electric, plastic bucket on her desk filled w/ parafin. Couple times day she warmed it up and put her hand in. Then peeled off the waxy coat a few minutes later. Said it was a big help.

    Hope things stay calm. You don't want times to be too interesting, as the Chinese have observed.

  3. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    I have had several occurences and my chiropractor can snap me right out it. Yes, he wiggles my hand, wrist and arm then SNAP! it's fixed!

    And the wax has been successful for other people I know too.

    Are fireworks legal where you live?

  4. zenouchy

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    Good to hear from you. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! 7 years of being 60---not too shabby. Did you and Gordon do anything special?

    I've never heard of "electric" buckets. How does that work? Sounds quite interesting. Yes, indeed I am wearing the wrist brace at night. It gets a bit uncomfy sometimes, but I know it's a must. My neurologist doesn't want me to wear it during the day though because it can reduce muscle strength.

    Hey, got a question for you: I saw somewhere in one of your posts a reference to Emotions Anonymous and have to admit that I've never heard of it. Do you mind telling me what it is? Sounds really cool.

    Talk to you soon my friend,

  5. zenouchy

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    How are you? Hope all is well!

    Thanks for the tip on the parafin wax. Interesting that both you AND Rock have mentioned it! I'll have to ask my doc about it for sure. My doc might send me to a hand therapist; I'm wondering if it will be similar to a chiropracter. Not sure. Thanks for the tip on that as well.

    Don't ask me why, but YES, fireworks are legal. UGHH. I lived in Austin for several years, and then moved to a suburb, which is in a different county. I didn't know that there wasn't a noise ordinance here. I've worked the "fireworks issue" from so many angles without any luck. It's so frustrating.

    Our homeowners assn will step in, but their process is too long and drawn out to be effective. I've called our county commissioner, I've called the fire department, and on and on, and they all sympathize but ultimately they pass the buck.

    Animals will run away from home, people show up exhausted to work--it's a mess!

    All the best,


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  6. budmickl

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    It is used in spas and beauty salons. Not only is it theraputic, but it removes dead skin and softens what is left. It's good for hands, elbows, feet, anywhere that gets sore or rough.

    You can buy them at beauty supply stores and I think I have seen them at Wally World too.

    I would go to a spa or someplace and 'try it before you buy it'.

    Good luck!

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The parffin bowl is the size of a mixer; is electric. Don't know how long it takes to warm up. Easy to operate. Stick you hand in and pull it out when it's done.

    Emotions Anonymous is a 12 step group, one of the many that evolved from Alcoholics Anonymous. It had 90 min. meetings which are led by a member, not a professional. The only requirement for membership is a desire to overcome emotional problems.

    There are no fees, but an offering is taken to cover expenses, primarily rent.

    It is not a free for all discussion group. There are rules; only talk for a few minutes; no interrupting; no arguing; no giving advice unless it is requested.

    They have EA in Texas. Don't know if it's near you. You can find out by searching on line.

    Meds, therapy and EA have been the pillers of my recovery. If you have the energy, check it out.

  8. zenouchy

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    The EA looks like a very worthwhile support group. The EA group nearest me is about 30 miles away. It seems that there aren't many support groups here in the 'burbs. Perhaps that will change some day. I tried starting a fibro support group actually, but it didn't work out (long story!). Life takes a lot of sweat and problem solving. I don't mind so much, but sometimes it gets exhausting.

    Thanks for the additional info on the parafin bowl. Can I stir cake mixes in it too?

    All well to you, Erika

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    poetic. Yes, you can stir cake mixes if they are Betty Crocker. As in, What a crock!

    No need to add candles to birthday cakes. Waxy enough already.

  10. zenouchy

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    Allow me to say that you are so consistently clever. Your last post was hilarious!

    I have not once seen your humor wax or wane (that's the best I could come with---see what I mean?!) Have you ever considered entering a pun-off contest? I think you'd win.