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  1. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    "YES" Iam back!
    I was finally able to afford to get my computer fixed and now I can interact and communicate with you all again!

    I have missed you all so much and not being able to be here has been extremely hard for me.....but sometimes when you don't have a lot of money you have to do without things such as I had to, but the important thing is that my computer is fixed and Iam back here with the people that matter so much to me!

    Some things have changed,.... for instance Iam now working ....a good friend of mine is the manager of a store in our mall and Iam working for her one day a week....she knows and understands about my illnesses and that makes it so much easier for me!

    I also finally started my own business!!!!!!!!

    I have three major accounts already and have hired three people who are now working for me..Iam following my dreams and everything is going so well....except for my firomyalgia and cfs that is!

    For every day I work I spend one or two in bed.....my pain is off the charts..and although Iam well on my way into having my very own business it is so HARD because Iam so sick and in so much pain all of the time......

    My knees are bad and most days it is hard to walk.....forget bending down the pain is so bad I can not get up without help and even with help the pain is excrutiating

    my esophogus is now so bad that I pretty much quit eating solid foods....I drink fruit smoothies everyday and try to eat soft vegetables or soup broth.....it is very hard to swallow and painful so this is what is working for now!....I have lost a few pounds ..but I really needed to do that!

    My arms and hands are starting to be numb all of the time...instead of just at night or upon waking.....so even though some things have happened that are positive this disease has proved to me that it is in charge at all times...and it is something that is so hard for me to accept!

    I have been waiting for this entire year to be able to change medical plans so I can address these issues and hopefully get some answers and make some changes to improve the problems Iam having.

    Iam happy but sad..I wish life with this disease did not have to be such a difficult struggle....I wish I was not in so much pain and that I have so little energy....

    But Iam so happy I am able to be back here with all of you once again as I have missed you all!

    I would love to hear from all of you...how your doing and what is going on in your life!


    PS I had asked Budmickl to let you all know when my computer broke why I was MIA...as I would NEVER EVER want anyone to think otherwise! I love you all too much!
    So...thank you for understanding!:)

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  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Great to hear from you again!!!
    I am sorry to hear that you're having some problems but it sounds like some good things are happening in your life!

    What kind of business do you own now? Tell us all about it!

    So nice to have you back. We've been wondering how you are!! We've missed you.

  3. gws

    gws New Member

    welcome back sweet heart,
    you have been missed!
    It seem's like forever, I am so happy to see you back, and to know that you are ok
    love and missed you
  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    OMG,you are back. Hooray, I know we have all missed you too. I even put out an APD for you a while back.

    Well I am glad you are okay and am so happy for you now that you are achieving some of your dreams. Once you get all that settled you will be able to concentrate more on these DD's.

    Take care Doxy and love ya.

  5. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    French,Jana and hangin :)
    When my computer first broke I used my sons computer to tell my friends )pvlady and busmickl) what happened and to let you all know by posting it here for all of you to see!...!I thank them for doing that for me, and just hope that those of you who are my freinds were able to see it!

    I was told that someone had made a post making it sound like I just "disappear" sometimes and that hurt my feelings more than anything ever has here on this board....

    sometimes things happen and this is NOT the first time my computer has broken...I would NEVER just "disappear" from the people here that matter so much to me and my heart....then to top it off my sons computer broke about a week after mine did and "IRONICALLY it did the exact same thing as mind did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So......please know that was indeed not the case!:)

    ...my business is my baking business....I now have three people who I have hired as sales reps...they go out and secure accounts, in addition each of them has acquired routes,....

    This is so exciting I just cannot believe it is happening!

    Then on the other hand I cannot believe that this illness is right there waiting to take over and not allow me to live my dream!

    I guess the thing I need to focus on is that I do have hired help and that makes everything so much easier for me....Iam teaching my son some of the recipes and how to bake so if I crash suddenly he can take over and finish....

    I guess I just have to take it one day at a time and if that becomes too much then one hour at a time....

    I also forgot to mention that when I was in the hospital this past June the Dr told me that I had to start walking because I was a heart attack waiting to happen with all of the issues Iam having pointing in that direction...

    So...my son and I also started walking every day....and honestly I have to do this for my heart but it is killing my legs, feet, and knees in the process...and by the time Iam finished with our walk most times I can barely make it to my car to sit down...but what else can I do.....

    if i don't walk I may have a massive heart attack and I do not want that either!

    This disease has limits and Iam disobeying them all...maybe that is why Iam in so much pain?

    Anyhow....I really am happy to be back here and thank those of you who care from the bottom of my heart!")


  6. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Thank you so much for your sweet and loving posts....they touch my heart and remind me how much I did miss all of you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You did not have to post to me ......but you did and my heart is touched and says thank you so much!

    Love you

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