Hello Everyone, I have a question.

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    I posted on the FM board, but no one may have had this problem.
    I had a kidney stone thursday, went to ER and it showed up on the CAT scan. They gave me meds and told me it would pass.
    Well last night the pain brought me to my knees! I went back to ER, had another CAT scan after they gave me some meds to calm the pain. I was also drinking so much water and when they came in they told me the stone was gone, I must have passed it in the ER.
    SOrry so long, I was told I would have some pain there for a couple of days, I was wondering if anyone had this and after they passed the stone did they still have pain?

    Love to you all,
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    I have had several kidney stones. It sometimes takes a while for the pain to go. It depends on the size of the stone and it stretches the ureter. Drink lots of fluids and take your pain meds. Should settle down in a few days.