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    Hello to all! This is my first time posting, but I have been reading the posts for a few weeks now.

    And, I must say, I am absolutely amazed at some of the comments on this board! It's like you're talking about me!! For 15 years I have been sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

    Doctor after doctor, test after test...this hurts, that feels bad, etc. Finally, after doing my own research on the internet I came up with MS as my problem. I wrote down all of my symptoms and went to my family doc. I insisted on an MRI and she agreed. I think she was pretty shocked to see all my symptoms on paper like that. This was last May.

    She referred me to a Neurologist. Couldn't get to see him until October! Was able to get all the testing done that week, but couldn't see him again until early this month.

    I was relived to know it wasn't MS but good ole fibro. He mentioned fibro at my first appointment with him. I'd never heard of it. So I looked it up on computer.

    I was truly shocked to see ALL of my symptoms as being Fibro! The more I read the more convinced I was that this was my problem. Neuro confirmed it. What a relief to finally know I wasn't crazy or a hypocondriac!!

    The amazing part is how you all describe your symptoms...such as: "feel like being beat up with a bat" and when typing have "dyslexic" fingers...I say that too!

    My most major problem is suffering from idiopathic angioedema/urticaria. That started in 1996, but I had itchy skin for years before that(feels like little bugs crawling under my skin) Then the hives put me in the hospital twice last week. Nothing seemed to work for me, I tried all the anithistamines...I took more than 20 one day and it still did not relive the intense itch.

    Emerg doc put me on prednisone starting at 50 mg for one week and then decreasing by 10 mg each week for the next 4 weeks. Plus I take Ranitadine (sp?)150 mg twice a day. Amitriptaline (sp?) 10 mgs at bedtime, but since it also helps my hives I take 3-4 pills a day, plus Benadryl 10-12 tablets a day (25 mgs each). And guess what? I still get hives just not as bad. Kadywill, I know how you feel!! I know prednisone causes weight gain and other side effects, but I don't care...all I care about is not itching. It's horrible.

    The emerg doc asked me to rate my discomfort...I said it is so bad that if a loaded gun was in my reach I'd probably use it. That scares me cuz I sure don't want to die!

    As for the fibro: joint pain, swollen achy knees, sharp pains that make me drop things, bladder problems, twitching in more than one place (one day my butt twitched all day!! What a weird feeling that was!) My feet will cramp for no reason, eyes are blurry/ache/feel strained but my prescription for glasses hasn't changed, clumsiness, and the foggy feeling (last week I talked to someone I've known for years and for the life of my I didn't know her name!)

    Plus a myraid of other quacky things that make life a bit like a chore.

    For the hives I switched all my soaps etc, cut many things out of my diet, can't use certains perfumes, did the dust mite covers on bed, vacuum daily...you name it I've been there done that...nothing seems to make a difference. I just have to accept and keep taking the drugs. Which, by the way, puts my butt firmly on the couch while stupidly staring at the TV for hours on end. <sigh> What a life.

    Anyway...sorry for rambling but it's finally a relief to talk about it and knowing that someone understands and hears me!!

    And by the way... I think you all are the most kind, caring and understanding people I've ever known!!

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    I just started posting a day or so ago. I have this awful itch. There is no rash, hives or welts. Just an incredibly strong itch. I scratched so hard my legs look like I was beaten with a bat. All bruised! I know what you mean about the loaded gun. Scary...

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    Try a benedryl for your itching...it works the fastest of all the antihistamines (and I've tried them all!) But you should try only a half or quarter of a piil at first cuz it really wacks the snot out of ya and you'll feel veerryy sleeeeeeeepy!