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    Hi Everyone,this is my 1st message l have left,my name is debra,from AUSTRALIA,l have had fibromyalgia for 11 years now and l dont work,l dont excersie except for a quick walk.l also have CFS,OSTIO,AND I AM GONG THROUGH MENOPAUSE,so my life at the moment is not to good,my apin is unbeleivable that l have had to take morphine,sleeping pills even though l get about 3 hours sleep if l am lucky.l am on a anti-depressant for the serotonin,but at the moment l have no idea which is working or not,l suffer so many brain fogs a day.Anyway the news l have for everyone is fantastic,earlier this year my friend sent a women to see me,she was about 55 and had a bad car accident,broke nearly everything in her body and she suffers alot with arthritis everywhere,she met me on the thursday evening and we sat and talked for 3 hours,very understanding women seeing that l was falling asleep in front of her all the time lol anyway she went home and could'nt stop thinking of how sick l was,she came back on the sunday night and said RITE, l am here to help you,although you want be cured for about 4 or 5 years,but you will have a life back,so l was very interested in what she had to say.She opened up her big bag and pulled out 4 bottles of this stuff,she explained how and what to take every day,l am sure this stuff will take over penecillian [cant spell it] lol in being very popular,This herbal stuff is called AMBROTOSE,and that is the main ingredient,and what they call the merical sugars,the sugars are what we need to build up our good cells,they get in there and kill the free radicals,anyway l started one pill called A.O.[ANTIOXIDENT] SPORT for my muscles,AMBROTOSE powder,for my immune system,and one called PLUS which is for your whole body,anyway l started sunday night and by wednesday when l woke up without knowing l didnt reach for my morphine,l needed to take my morphine by about 2pm but for the 1st time in 11 years l sat up in bed with no back pain,no migraine,and l didnt even realise l walked uprite,usually l scuffle along to make my 1st cuppa but l walked straight,ambrotose is not advertised because the doctors would be without there fees and the pharmacutical companies would be without all there money coming in,it is in america,from a shrub found out in one of the deserts there,but l had to stop taking it,being on a disability pension l could'nt afford it any longer,but l have been saving and saving to buy a heap of the AMBROTOSE,l SWARE to everyone who reads this,if you can buy the ambrotose please do it,l ended up having a fantstic 3 months of my life back,and by the 2 week l was off my morphine,l PROMISE this is all true and l know how all of you are suffering,instead of falling asleep on the loo[no 1] l was staying awake,l fell alseep standing at the washine once split my head open,CFS was the cause of those happening.So please if yo can aford it buy it,l am telling the truth with this stuff,the company thats makes it is called MANNATECH go to there web site and read all about the meds,l hope l have'nt bored to many people,but l am so much of a beleiver in ambrotose l know it will help you all,just quickly,l was able to mow the lawns,get up at 6am or 7 am and not feel like l have'nt slept or been punched up,but the best thing of all,was,l could play with my 4 and half year old grand=daughter,it was fantstic,nanny could get up and play straight away lol anyway l hope this helps some people,l know it will if you can afford it,it not really dear but on a pension it was for me,and l am not a REP for them noe do l sell it l promise you all this,okies l better go my arms are killing me typeing so much,if you need to ask me anything my e-mail is [email address removed as per rules] l dont mind anyone emailing me and l hope l have helped,bye for now debra cadman.
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    I just wanted to welcome you.Also this board is the best..........were like family and care a lot about each other....

    You will also find lots of good info here Pro-Heath is great.....

    Oh Please remove your Email from your post....Were not allowed to post them due to safety concerns......

    Take Care Enjoy the sight...
  3. fieldmouse

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    You will find lots of good advice and lots of new friends here. This is a great place to be....

    Please read the rules and delete your email address. It is for safety porposes and I am sure that most here are very safe and just in need of good friends and advise but they are very sticky about what we post so please read the rules and again...Welcome.....Hugs...Mick!!
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    i know lots of people swear they got great benefit from Ambrotose. that's good if it helps you, too. i find choosing which supplements to include pretty confusing. i did take ambrotose for quite a while, but sometimes it seems as though my CFIDS operates according to its own cycle independent of what i am doing or taking. most mysterious.

    anyway, welcome- this Board has great information- Sascha
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    Nice to meet you, I am over the ditch in new zealand! Glad to hear ambrotrose is working for you and yeah it's a pity about how expensive it is.

    Hope you get back on to it soon and it keeps working for you. It's so great when you can find something that works for you and can start joining 'normal life' again.

    Good luck to you :O)
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    Welcome!....Nice to meet you....Lina :)

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