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    I have been visiting this site for a few days now - very excited to find a community of fellow over-comers, then I stumbled onto a post I had written over a year ago! FIBROFOG strikes again!
    Anyway, I'm happy to have found PH again & I am looking forward to making new friends.
    I have been diagnosed with Fibro for 2-3yrs but have been searching for answers for much longer. Symptoms of Fibro going back 20 yrs but really kicking in after a bad fall 8 yrs ago. I also appear to have Sjogrins Syndrome though I don't have a diagnosis yet.
    As you all know, the pain can be overwhelming but what I am really struggling with is guilt. Guilt when I am too tired to even go to a movie with my DH or when it takes me all day to clean house. I loved the posts about spoons & it is a blessing to know I am not in this alone.
    I had my own business for many years but have recently retired, however I am a certified counselor and volunteer in that capacity.
    Thank you to all who have welcomed me so far....
    Be Blessed!
  2. gapsych

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    Welcome back to the board. Don't you just love this brain fog?

    My FM started after breaking my arm. I am not sure I have CFS.

    I am on disability retirement.

    Looks like we are in the same field. I am not a counselor per se but for 26 years worked with students diagnosed with emotional disturbances.

    I miss it so much but I think at this point I am romanticizing a bit about my career. I had not planned to retire at such a young age.

    Again, welcome and will be looking forward to your posts.


    ETA YOu will never guess what song is now going through my head, LOL!![This Message was Edited on 08/17/2010]

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