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    I just want to thank everyone. for your return post to me. this board is such a blessing to all. my heart fills with such peace and joy when I read all the post and prayers that have been offered up for me and others.
    as Easter draws near I thank God for all the new dear friends I have made on this board. I pray that we all recieve Gods healing touch . and I believe in my heart we will. Tonight is prayer nite and just think we"re all connected in one prayer on this night none of us are alone in our struggles . so when you can"t sleep look out at the stars and know you have a fibro friend. and cfs friend that has prayer for all tonight. We are all connected through our Heavenly Father and can do all things through Jesus Chirst who strenghtens us. So my sister and brothers in Christ may we all have a Joyus Easter.
    Love, Sixtyslady
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    In agreement with other poster!
    Thanks for being here sixtyslady, praying for your
    continually healing!