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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, I think, seems I can't remember if I joined this board years ago or not since I'd joined a few Fibro boards but eventually faded away feeling I didn't really need them. I was wrong, I do need you. No one else really understands and there is a wealth of information here.

    I've been a Fibro sufferer for about 20 years and believe I might have had it in teenage years per looking back I recognize times when I wasn't the most vibrant. To deal with my Fibro I take lots of supplements and I'm so happy to find others who share the belief how beneficial they are to ease symptoms.

    I moved from one state to another and my current state and the community where I live I face an abundance of ignorance. This particular area people are not shy to give their opinions. Some even sticking their nose where it didn't belong and I believe at least one has tried to get me thrown off disability claiming I'm committing fraud. You see, I live in a very low income area and many are poor like myself and some envy those who collect a check each month without working since they don't work and probably just receiving a welfare check, living with others or renting a room. So they look at me and begin to judge.

    Well, you all know what it's like. At the moment I'm dealing with a set back for the last two months. I feel like I did years ago before I happened on how vital the supplements were. I feel the only reason I'm experiencing this hiccup is because money problems made me skip the more expensive supplements.

    Thank you for reading and I hope to be here for a long while.
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    Welcome to the forum, on your profile you can see when you joined, it says last tuesday. Glad you are experiencing benefit from supplements.

    They do nothing noticably for me ME wise. But I'm finding my way around in dealing with day to day life too and strict diet and pacing has help me tremendously in limiting the pain and discomfort that comes with ME.

    And just sharing the enjoyable there is still to enjoy and have some fun and games with people who need no explanation is my working 'supplement' on here :p I'm usually to be found on the home and bedbound boards feel free to drop in there too.
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    GvMeStrgth - welcome! (back? :)) I don't have FM ("just" cfs) but I think my sister has FM. Could you post what supplements have helped you with your FM symptoms?

    And like with FM, 99% of the population cannot understand CFS. I certainly LOOk healthy. Anyways, just saying I know how you feel. I think this may be one of the hardest things to tolerate about these illnesses - not getting support from others that we would get if we had, say, cancer or something they could see and understand. But c'est la vie.

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    Thank you Soul and Mary.

    No, no Soul I meant I might have joined YEARS ago but membership might have been cancelled due to inactivity and Lord knows what e-mail or name I had. See there were several Fibro boards I belonged to in succession that I eventually teetered off.

    And thank you for telling me about the other forums, I read a little over there and I see they're more active. I'll be jumping in soon over there too. Well as soon as I'm a little more up to things.

    Mary, I think I suffer with CFS too. I admit initially I didn't understand the difference in the beginning and just referred my problem as being Fibro since it was the first diagnosis. Although it might still irritate me I don't get angry anymore over other people's ignorance towards it, they will never understand. I just pray those in authority never act the same as these people.

    The supplements I take were initially to give more energy, my glaucoma, and hbp. I happened upon some of what I was taking helped the Fibro/CFS. Here's a list of what I take. Oh and I also suffer from Thyroid disease (hypothyroidism).

    These first two I can't live without.

    Metagenics Thyrosol, if you also suffer from Hypothyroidism this gives extra support. My thyroid pills didn't pick me up even though when tested my doctor said my t3/t4 was in the normal range.

    Metagenics Hemagenics, iron pills for my anemia. I think these are the best on the market.

    Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 mg

    Magnesium 500mg

    CoQ10 100 mg

    Vitamin C 1500mg

    Natural Vitamin E 400 IU

    Vitamin D3 1000 IU

    Dandelion Root 500mg

    Resveratrol Grape Seed & Red Wine Extracts

    B-12 2000 mcg

    That's it for now but at one point I'll be adding later to cleanse my liver for my glaucoma. I did notice some of what I take is below the amounts others take here.

    Thanks Mary for asking.:)
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    Forgot to add that I also take Jarrow Formulas Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg softgels