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    i just saw your post of when you were approved for ssd

    well i was also was approved in nov-05 ,i applied in june-05
    ,it took 6 -months because they let me know in dec.

    but i didn`t get no backpay ,, but at least i got

    approved,,, i stopped working in mar-05,, i did 20 yrs in

    a private nursing home with no benefits i live in a small

    town i had no choice so now i`m paying for it .

    i can`t hardly walk anymore,,and i`m 10 + 39 yrs,, lol,,

    glad to have you aboard,,,,,,,gmom,,,,,,,
  2. gmom605

    gmom605 New Member

    i`m so glad you reply ,,and good morning to you !!!

    and Thank You,,,, and also l`ii keep you in my prayers,too

    i would give anything to walk better and feel good ,,but

    thats not going to happen my spinal is all mess up by

    lifting , and working on your days off, not having enough

    workers ,to work so if you were there you had to work

    but i loved the old folks ,they were like my own

    grandparents to take care of, i miss it in way,,i haven`t

    gone back it`s so stressful to be remined of the awful

    work. now at 10+39! i can`t do very much ,,,

    take care,ggiggi,,,,gmom,,,,,