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    I have introduced myself before but I wanted to say that I'm going to a new doctor who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He is here in Morristown, NJ if any of you are from here. My doctor, Rheumatologist is moving to Albany, NY although he will have an office in Suffern on Saturdays to make it easier for his patients to see him. MY mom said we will see if we still need to see him after seeing this man, his name is Dr. Sanders Davis. My mom's cousin in North Carolina is an Internist/Gastroenterologist and he said he is widely known for his work with Fibromyalgia and my mom said it must have been fate that he is 10 minutes from here!! He will only see patients with FM. It is good cause he works in a Rehab Hospital where they have lots of things like pools, and all stuff you need to rehabilitate. Plus the nurse recommended I joined a support group in person that meets there the 1st thursday of every month. I was going to go last month but it's at 11am and it's hard to get up for me I'm still dealing with sleep probs. But I'm really praying he can do well for me, especially if he is well known in the field. I didn't know at all, or maybe I overlooked his name. My mom wanted me to see a pain management doctor cause my meds have been all over the place and NO one wants to agree with the rheumy which I'm sure you all have experienced and it just gets under my skin but the nurse said that will all be taken care of THANK GOD! hehe. My therapist I see is right up stairs from him. Maybe I can keep it all in one building hehe. Write back if you can Thanks for reading BE WELL
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    Hi there Megan,
    I live not to far from you! I'm in Parsippany & I work near Morristown. My old PT wanted me to see Dr. Sanders Davis & others have recommended him also. Unfortunately he's not in my insurance plan :( I have heard wonderful things about him. If you still need a really good pain managemt doc try Richard Winne - he's terrific. My insurance doesn't cover him either. I had him under an old plan. He's in Morristown somewhere.

    I see a rheumy in the city. I have other specialists spread out all over the place - trying out a new one at University Hospital in Newark tomorrow -hahahha. I feel like that's all I've done lately is juggle dr. appts & try to figure out what they are telling me - aaarrrggghhh!

    I work at a school for kids with autism and have had 2 weeks off (our school has a 6 week summer session)- not very restful ones. Appointment filled ones, havings tests done. So it's back to work for me on Tuesday, I feel like I still need some vacation time!!

    I wish they had that support group in the evening. Right now there's so much pressure on me to work to pay college tuition - my son is a freshman. I would like a support group that meets in person. This web group is nice 'cause you can sign on any time -day or night :)

    Well it's off to another doctor's appt LOL! This time for my son. It's another specialist of course & I have to check the directions. Good Luck with Dr. Sanders Davis, hope you like him & he can help you!