hello: has anyone ever ben bitten by a recluse spider?

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    hello my name is: david m,parker & about 2 weeks ago i was bitten by a recluse spider during the night ok.& the next day around where my butt & my growin area from the bite it was as hard as a rock,& it was also red & rashy it was terrible & horrible too,& so that same day i went to my doctor & he looked at it he he immediately admitted me into the hospital stat ok.& so 2 days after i was admitted they did surgery they had to put me out ok.they had to put me to sleep & so they opened up the part where the spider bit me
    & so they got all of the poisoin & gunk out ok.& so when i was in the recovery room i woke up ok.& so then i came back to my room,& so i was there for anaother 2 weeks ok.i loved the food & the service was ok too.i was at tri-city regional hospital ok.it is really a awsome hospital this hospital is in la ok.also everyone please look out for this horrible spider ok.it is small browish looking with 2 little white marks on it's back & it's butt also too ok.this spider is a very,very dangerous & deadly spider ok.
    so everyone please keep a look out if anyone sees one kill it with a rag stat ok.

    david m parker!!!
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    Both my husband and I have had bites. Your bite had probably been there several days for that much reaction to set in. It took several days for my husbands to begin turning to a black color. They removed an area on his forehead and it healed. I was bitten one afternoon, showed it to my husband the next afternoon. He said I needed to go to the doctor so I went the next morning (two days elapsed). The doctor gave me a shot and said there is a window of 48-72 (I think it was) hours to get this shot. Mine healed with no further complications.

    A friend of mine is disabled and has had numerous skin grafts on her leg for a brown recluse. It is, indeed, a serious affair.

    I have never actually seen an live brown recluse. Guess that is because they are "reclusive". We need to spray under furniture and in closets. They live in dark areas and I think they are nocturnal.

    Good luck on your healing.
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    My son was also bitten by a Brown Recluse, on his hip and in his bed too. He caught the spider killed it and put it in a small bottle and gave it to the doctor at the hospital, they gave him shots, and some ointment to put on it, but it still looked nasty with tiny blisters in it weeks later, and is still sore.

    He is fine, but he will never forget it!

    I was bit by some kind of Spider from Asia, I bought a plant that was carnivorous, it had little hanging cups on it, I waterd the cups (as directions said), the spider must have been in one of the little cups, and bit me. I didn't feel anything till hours later.

    I had over twenty bits from my shoulders to my finger tips, the pain and fever were awful. I was deadly sick for four months. The only thing that drew the venom out was Apple Cider Vinegar, I bathed that arm and hand for months in the vinegar. I truly think the vinegar saved my life. The tips of my fingers are still kind of numb.

    I do not have any scares, but it took all those months for the poison to get out of my system.

    Some spiders are deadly, the Black Widow is another one.

    Glad you are doing alright, and will be on the look out for that Rescluse. I live in Louisiana, the country area, and we do have a lot of spiders here, but I rarely see any in the house.

    My son lives in Mississippi.

    Thanks for your post, it was very informative.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    nasty spider...and a bit too plentiful around here for me. I've seen (and killed) quite a few over the years.

    Ewww...and do I hate spiders.



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    or six people who have been. My daughter has a friend who's Mother was bit by one, the infection was so bad she was hospitalized for several weeks then they let her go home and she got sick again and ended up dying from it. It was very said, she was not that old and she died on the day her Daughter had her first child.

    Every Fall I get bit at least once by a spider and I swell up and have a rather severe reaction to it. The doctor told me that regular house spiders have become very aggressive. We live in Oregon and we never used to have any poisonous spiders but we do now.

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    "Have you ever been bitten by a brown recluse spider?" is one of the many questions on most Fibromyalgia questionnaires. Apparently one of the after effects of sed bites is our favorite Dx.... Fibro. :(
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    Last night I was taking a bath and I saw something in the tub, it was brown and floating around in the water. I swooshed the water around to see what it was and it was a SPIDER swimming in the bath water!! I thought about this post because I had read it the other day and I freaked out. I jumped up and started screaming and jumped out of the tub and got water everywhere. I didn't care, I was terrified of that spider (even though I did not know what kind it was - it did not matter, I hate spiders!!) I was so afraid that it had bitten me. Now I will be afraid every time I see a spider and I see a lot of them in my house. YUCK!!