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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jane32, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    Some of the older members might remember me! I was on here for about two years after being diagnosed with CFS in Feb. of 05. It turned my left upside down.

    Well after spending a year and a half in my bed sick with fevers, chills, fatigue, etc. and spending tons of money (10,000) at the FFC I decided ot take a natural approach. I began energy work..hypnosis, NMT (Neuro modular technique and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). These people asked me to take some time away from the message boards they felt it was in my best interests.

    Well I happy to report that after the first month I was able to go out at night with my husband (dinner and dancing!) I was able to walk the malls and not feel sick and tired for days afterwards. In fact, I was able to move out of my family's house and across the country to a new state is our own home! I am loving life and feel a lot better! I meditate everyday and try to find the small things like arts and crafts that give me pleasure.

    I will say though there are periods where I still don't feel right. I don't spend a whole day in bed though anymore. I might go a few weeks with fever and chills still but the energy work really helps me. I still also have my "down" days of feeling "Why me?" and "Will I ever really be normal and have a family of my own"?

    For those of you that remember me I couldn't even bath myself some days I was that sick to be where I am now is really a miracle and a testment to the mind-body approach.
    I turn 30 in Feb. and I thank God everyday that I am doing better. I don't call myself sick anymore. I ignore the illnness terms and rather think of myself with a supressed immune system that just needs twinking every now and then.

    I wanted to come back on here to offer others hope and to also find out how everyone is doing.

    I alsobneed to start some type of yeast protocal and was thinking about threelac and primal defense.
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  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Love to hear success stories especially in one so young.

    You go, girl!

    Sorry I can't help with the other, but just wanted to say hi and welcome you back and thank you for sharing your good news.

  3. grace54

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    Nice to see people get better, it does give us hope when they check in with us.Can you tell me any books you used to help you.Thanks - Continued improvement to you:)
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  4. jane32

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    Well that is the thing I put all my CFS and illness books far, far away in my attic. I got rid of everything that said CFS or Fibro on it. I stored away all my files for the drs. as well. I was very anal about my illness materials and drs. files. I kopt fever schedules for 2 yrs. and one day I just stopped and haven't taken my temp in a year. There was just no point to it for me.

    So with that said I started reading a lot of energy books and I must say they are still hard to read and understand but if you sit with it for awhile they are inspiring and gives you the control you need to heal yourself. I also again went to some great healers that taught me how to body test myself. Moreover, to start with I watched a lot of DVD's b/c in the begining reading just made me more exhausted.

    If you would like some energy reading materials let me know and I will psot the names of those books. Some I have out and some are still in boxes I have yet to unpack in our new house.
  5. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i remember you , and i am glad to hear your wonderful news!!!

  6. gardengirl12

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    Hi Jane ,
    i like you pop in and out of here but that is wonderful news your new aproach to this dd.It is nice to read good things for a change.i hope you stick around and fill us in on what you do iam ready to try anything myself .

    the weather is changing here and not much sun so that gets me feeling yuky.well best of luck and please keep comming in i like to go to chic chat they have the porchlight and there you can post any topic. gentel hug linda
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    Welcome back! So good to hear that you have found things that have helped you so much. Thanks for sharing what has worked for you, it could be useful for others who are still searching for some things that might help them have a better quality of life.

    Coming back from serious illness does really help you appreciate what you DO have...I was pretty seriously ill a year and a half ago, and now, I really appreciate every day I get here on earth. I take nothing for granted.

    Glad to have you back!

  8. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    I am interested in energy work if you could recommend a good book I would appreciate it, Thanks :)
  9. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Welcome back! I'm so happy you are doing better!!

    Since you've been gone I've been diagnosed with lyme disease and I am doing better as well.

    It's always good to hear when someone gets well. Whatever you are doing is working. I wonder if it is because you are strenghening your immune system with the energy work.

    I still have bad days too. When I do, I just try to remember a better day is around the corner.

  10. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    Oh it definitely is due to the energy work. I can't speak highly enough of NMT but you have to find a good pracitioner. It is amazing...very hard to explain but just amazing. My healer does do work over the phone if anyone is interested. She is just so kind and understanding and was once sick before with Lyme and toxic lead poisioning so she knows how bad I felt. I also love Acupuncture just for the little hlep it does give for keeping the systems in tact or working on some part of my body that needs a little lift that day.
  11. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member


    Thanks for posting your inspirational story, and good for you for trying something that has helped.

    Me, I'm a big believer in the power of thought, positive and negative, goes both ways.

    I have also been advised to stay off these boards, and I do, at times, as sometimes it can be a bit draining.

    Keep us all posted on your good success.

  12. grace54

    grace54 New Member

  13. hollie9

    hollie9 New Member

    I'd love to know what healers you went to (especially the ones that worked!), and the one over the phone.

    Also interested in your energy books.

    My massage therapist who is coming today is a "healer". She has CFS and Dystonia, was wheelchair bound when she went to that famous healer in London. She ended up walking away rather than wheeling away, and gets along much better tham me with her CFS.

    She is very interested in energy work and does some herself, so please, any information would be greatly appreciated here.

  14. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I will tell you that Susan probably does not consider herself a healer but I named her one. I also call her the "good witch!" She lets the body do the work for you.

    Here is here e-mail. Feel free to contact her and she can describe to you more what she does. Honestly the NMT and NET as strange as it was had the most benefit on me.

    We alse have to get rid of those sick feelings like this will last for ever or I am a sick person. I know for me I spent two years trying to make the drs. listen to me and belive that I was ill that is some odd way I almost didn't want to give up my sick role. If that makes sense? But I believe strongly in these body tests more then any other dr.

    She has done extensive research on NET and NMt. She is super nice and very fun. Susan Loprete

    Here is her e-mail: sjloprete@comcast.net

    And please don't takle offense to this anyone but taking a break from reading about CFS and being on this board really did put me back into the land of the living. It was so hard but I found other message boards where people didn't talk about illness and after a few months I didn't miss being on here.

    I also have to say my hypnosis instructor Joe Dowling is amazing. I think he can work with you ove rht ephone or make you tapes. His # is: 267-322-0929

    Just tell everyone that Mary Jane referred you and they will know who I am.

    I also meditate daily and listen to Glen Harrold Heal yourself all the time. I downloaded it to an ipod but you can buy the CD version.

    As for my acunpuncturist find someone you really trust and someone you can just pop in for a visit when you don't feel right.

    I also started with weekly massages then went to once a month. I try to vary what I get done but they do soothe
    the body and help it respond better to all this healing. Reiki was also wonderful to get done every few months.

    There is no magic bullet man I wish there was but it is one day at a time and I just do what is right for me. If it feels weird or I don't trust someone I stop and try a new healer or new routine. I just know for my body and my mind drugs were not the answer.

    As for books:
    Awakening Intuition by Mona lisa Schwartz
    Potatoes not prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons
    Body of Health by Francesca McCartney
    Energy Medicine by Donna Eden--hard to read so start with the DVD's
    Ayurveda: The science of healing by Vasant Lad
    Everyone womens book-some outdated info but anythign by her is good. Dr. Ariola
    I also read natural healing perscriptions for the little things that pop up in my health or my husband's.

    Just take your time with these books..read a little and then let them sit and go back to them. I also do like Dr. Oz's new book.

    I also switched to all natural cleaners and detergents. We have no chemicals in our house.

  15. Scapper

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    Hi Jane -- I remember you. I swear, I was just thinking about you and was trying to remember your screen name to do a search (about 2 days ago), but I couldn't remember the numbers after your name -- and WHALLA -- HERE YOU ARE!

    I'm so happy you've found modalities to help you!

    Also, the moderators on the board do not allow posting e-mails OR phone numbers. They'll either delete the post or they may even go as far as to not allow you back on the board (rules of the message board).

    So, I'd delete those when you can.

    Lastly, SO NICE of you to come back here to share what has been working for you and not just forget all of us -- I applaud this tremendously for remembering to "give back"!!!!

    Thanks again......scapper
  16. jane32

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    to help out those that did what those numbers before I delete it.

    Thanks..yes I am doing good. scapper how about you?

    I have a lot of dental work to get done so I am gearing up for that. I am hoping my body will be okay with it all.

    As for price I did have to rack up my CC a little but if that is what it takes that is what it takes. All I know is I am spending less doing these treatments then I was at the FCC and running around from dr. to dr. or reading books about CFS that just wasn't helping my psyche.
  17. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    I hope you keep us informed of your progress.:)
  18. jewels920

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    How wonderful for you! You are absolutely lovely. The wedding pic is awesome.

    May I ask what kind of energy work? Do you mean Reiki or is Neuro Emotional Technique a kind of energy work? Not familiar with NET.

    Love and hugs,

  19. grace54

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  20. cherylsue

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    Your symptoms of fever, fatigue, etc. are classic signs of Lyme Disease and babesia infection. Find yourself a good Lyme specialist and get better fully. Lyme/Babesia can remit and relapse.

    Best wishes,

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