Hello here a message from Holland/Netherlands from Lijda = suffer.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lijda, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Lijda

    Lijda New Member

    Hello all

    Here Lijda from holland,

    I have you even written a message on the misery here on CBT, never start it, it's really a nightmare, and you can be more ill,
    I want you to report that carnitene and q10 maybe can help,
    I am really incredibly far been refurbished,
    I was not best, so this tip!

    Now I logged on to twitter with the name "MEisreal", this would I just tell you, who knows, ME still not exists only between the ears for the mafia,
    I should really go to sleep,
    I used google translator, I hope you can read it, with an ME head it's sometime's terribele, brainfog>
    you can use the google translate,

    Bye bye, LOL is this englisch>
    Ok here the dutch version.
    copie the tekst: englisch to dutch:)

    You can use the translate “google translate"
    The translate from dutch to englisch is;(
    Sorry ;) ME brainfog

    Hallo allemaal
    Hier Lijda from holland, ik heb jullie wel eens een bericht geschreven over de ellende hier met betrekking tot cbt = cgt, begin er nooit aan, het is echt een nachtmerrie, en je kunt er zieker van worden, ook wil ik jullie melden dat carnitene en q10 jullie misschien kan helpen, ikzelf ben er echt ongelofelijk veel door opgeknapt, ik was er niet echt best aan toe, dus dit als tip!
    NU heb ik me aangemeld op twitter met de naam MEisreal, dit wou ik jullie even meedelen, wie weet brengt het iets, ME bestaat nog steeds niet, alleen voor de tussen de oren maffia, maar die verdienen eraan.

    Ik moet nu echt gaan slapen,

    Ik heb de google vertaler gebruikt, hopelijk is het te lezen, met een ME hoofd is typen al meer dan genoeg, dus de vertaler is een uitkomst,

    Groetjes Lijda= suffer [This Message was Edited on 02/28/2009]
  2. nixon

    nixon New Member

    You were speaking of Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

    Nice hearing from someone in Holland, I've never been to Europe, but would love to visit Holland one day! Andrea
  3. Lijda

    Lijda New Member

    Hello Andrea

    I'am speaking about Cognitive Behavoir Therapy,
    it's horror and never start this therapy.
    It's danger for people white ME/CFS.

    Holland is nice and europa to, for visit some places,
    Not nice for a ME/CFS patient. Because ME/CFS does not exist overhere.
    It's horror for a ME/CFS patient.

    Maby you will sometimes visit Holland;)


    This my personal twittername.

    Bye bye = Doei doei

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  4. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Hi Lidja and welcome!

    I have not tried cbt. But thanks for the other tips. Also the one about translator! Wondered what that button was for! Love to see post in another language even if I cant understand.

    Hopefully Europe and else where will get on the band wagon of understanding this disease.

    Take care bet the tulips are beautiful in spring.
  5. Lijda

    Lijda New Member

    The tulps are beautiful, not for ME/CFS patient there still in bed and sleep(;

    Take care to;)

    Bye[This Message was Edited on 03/01/2009]
  6. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    It is very "cool" that Google translator enables us to transcend language!

    We hear about the difficulties that people with M.E. have in Europe and the UK. It is not very much better here but it is a little bit better.

    I think people with M.E. in the USA have more options than people in the rest of the world. In Canada, where I live, M.E. is officially defined as a disabling illness which makes getting disability support from the Government easier if you cannot work. However, there are few options (not many options) for treatment and most doctors still do not believe M.E. is physical and not psychosomatic.

    I have visited Amsterdam and loved it!



    PS I like to play with online language translators and I have tried to write this in a way that will not be too mixed up when it is translated into Dutch!
  7. Lijda

    Lijda New Member

    The last time I was in Amsterdam, was visit CFS center Amsterdam.
    One year ago, the work white carnitene.
    That's the only centre in Holland for ME/CFS patients.
    The travel was to long for me. NOt now anymore I think.

    Thanks for write in a way that not to be mixed up, but I read englisch and do not nead the translate now;)
    Only when I want quik tell something.
    Now I write and train my brain white out translate, I try;))))

    Mooi weer = Nice weather ;)

    Doei doei = Bye bye

  8. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    Hi Lijda...good to see you here again. I have wondered how you are!
    So sorry there have been no improvements in healthcare in Holland regarding ME/CFS.
    Are the petitions helping?
    How many in your country are affected by ME?
    I sure miss Holland!

    Take care and keep trying!
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  9. Lijda

    Lijda New Member

    Quote Cindy (Are the petitions helping? )

    De petitions where for Belguim and the did not help yet(;

    Quote Cindy ( How many in your country are affected by ME? )

    I'am not sure, I think 18000 white ME.
    The talk about 35.000.
    Perhaps the don't now,
    to many people white ME have the psy diagnose
    or a other wrong diagnose.???
    Dokters do not diagnosed ME.
    Many docters don't talk about ME/CFS.
    The give other labels.

    Quote Cindy (I sure miss Holland!)

    Don't miss it, I believe you;)
    I want go away from this kikkerlandje;)

    I feel much better white carnitene and q10.
    I had 0.00 % energy and now 60% or more. Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    After 6 years be ill/tired.
    7 Years ago after a flu and infection.

    Bye = doei doei

    Take care to.


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