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  1. gmom605

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    just read your post of gapapentin i have been taking it for awhile i started with 1 600mg a day ,,now i take 3xday
    600 mg. for pain ,,but i think it`s effecting my sleep,,

    my question to you is how do you feel with this meds. and does it effect your sleep?

  2. Hope4Sofia

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    It makes me very sleepy. At night I sleep very soundly but during the day I'm kind of in a daze and take a very deep nap around 2:00. I'm hoping some of the sleepiness wears off so I can feel more alert.

    The sleepy feeling is more of a deep relaxed feeling than the overwhelming fatigue feeling that I so often get on my own. Does that make sense?

    I'm taking 300mg in the morning and 300mg at night.

    It helps with the pain but isn't completely relieving it. I have found that I can do more even though I'm tired just because of the decrease in pain. The deep ache in my back was so intense I could hardly run a simple errand.

    How is it affecting your sleep?

    How do you do during the day?

  3. gmom605

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    to answer your question,, how gapapentin is affecting

    my sleep? well at first nothing was happing to me didn`t

    feel anything so the my {rhumy}Dr. increase it to 3x day

    it making me now to sleepy during the day ,,i try not to

    sleep at all but i`m so tired,dragging almost so by

    6 p.m. i`m allready asleep waking up by 11pm then i can`t

    go back to sleep ,,but i`m going back to maybe 2 x day and

    see what affect it does on me. but you know i still have

    alot of pain so maybe i`ll talk to my dr. and maybe she

    can change meds.

    thanks for your reply,,,,gmom,,,