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    Thanks for the info on Pain Specialist.I told mt Rhumey that the Ultracet just wasn't cutting it and he said then I won't give you anymore.When I asked him what he will give me he said nothing,I don't belive in narcotics for fibro.He also said if you can take care of twins and the housework,shopping and taxing two teens around you are coping and don't need anything.He told me to hire someone to clean my house.I told him I live in low income housing becuz I can't handle work.My hubby works and I have to do the rest but would like to do it without the severe pain.Have been in major flare for about 3 weeks now.My insurance does not need referls so I called and found a pain specialist who has fibro patients am scheduled for Aug 6th.Hope I get something soon.Sorry this is so long you people are wonderful.

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    Sorry to hear 'bout bad Dr. Glad to hear you will soon have another option. It is Great here! Peace,lisa
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    Hi, welcome to our world, glad you find the board so beneficial to your health.

    It is ashame we can't have some of these doctors live our lives for a few weeks, then we would see if they took something for pain!

    I have been where you are years ago, no twins but three kids, always two 'teens at a time', it was no easy way to live with this pain and all the other symptoms that go along with FM/CFS, keep the house, cook, laundry, and do all the running too.

    My children are grown now, and gone, its just my husband, five dogs and myself here.

    I had my floors cleaned for me this week, and some of my curtains taken down and washed, let me tell you that is so helpful.
    I can keep things in order for awhile now. My daughter did this for me, but I wish I knew someone that I could trust to just come in about twice a month and do the heavy work. It would be a blessing.

    I had a nanny when my children were little, and it was great too.

    But I had times when I did everything myself, pain and all.

    I know where you are coming from, and hope you find a doctor that is willing to help you soon.

    Take care, and again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    My older daughter is 13 and my son 15 so they do help sometimes with much pushing LOL!!I have a friend with fibro with nine kids the oldest 14 the youngest 3.They have adopted there foster children and have biological also.She is an inspiration for me.Thanx again for the warm welcome.