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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by cyberchar, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Cath, your idea about falls is great. Would Bri have to fall on me? or visa versa. Hmmmmm. I fell into a garbage can once throwing away garbage. But I had this guy who married my aunt by marriage who was worth a couple million. He worked for her, was 30 years younger and figured with her 3 heart attacks behind her she'd be gone in no time. I was just 21 and cleaned their house. He used to try & get me to mess around with him, the dog. Anyway, they bought a chicken farm up in Kern County, CA. He was drunk and threw the trash in the Kern River. Problem was - he forgot to let go. So when I think about some pretty stupid falls, I think about that jerk.

    My worst - falling asleep on the john at the hospital, falling off and smashing my head in the concrete floor. All I could hear was them saying "Get her gown off". They were afraid my family would come in and see me all bloody.

    What was your best fall, Bri?

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    I don't think I can top that but I do have a story.
    I was in 9th grade. My girlfriend and I were babysitting her 2 little brothers. We we playing 1-2-3 Redlight, on the front lawn. When someone yelled "redlight" I came down on my foot with my big toe curled under my foot. I definately fell down. The pain was horiffic.

    I somehow managed to hobble home, about 1 block. My mother thought because I could move my toes, that nothing was broken. Middle of the night, I got up to pee and promptly fell on the floor. My foot was huge.

    Went to hospital next day. Had some x-rays. Doc comes out and tells me my toe is broke and they are going to tape it up and send me home. I argued with him, that it wasn't my toe, it was farther up on the arch bone. He argued with me, telling me about referred pain, that it just felt like the pain was up there. I wouldn't back down and he finally wheeled me in and put my x-ray up to prove it too me. (Mind you I'm only in 9th grade) I looked at it, and said, "That's not a toe that's broken". He looked at it and said,, "You're absolutely right, you need a cast" .

    So, when EVERYBODY asked what I did it, and how did I break it, I had to tell them I was babysitting and broke it playing 1-2-3 Redlight. Pathetic huh?
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    This is unbelievable! What a post!

    Here's my fall story...no, not Sept-Nov, but a boom! story...

    I was only nine. We had moved into a new subdivision and the street was being paved in front of our house. At quitting time, they left a huge road "grader" out front. My two brothers and other boys were playing tag on it...it had steel ledges up and down and all around it...and I was a real tomboy, climbed trees and played ball and all. I got on to play tag too, and soon fell and hit my cheekbone on one of the edges.

    Off to the hospital...stitches....ice packs, pain. Years later, when I told a doctor how I got the scar, he didn't believe me, said it wouldn't have moved down to the side of my chin...he was wrong, and later told me so.

    My daughter walked in her sleep off of a top bunkbed once...landed on a dresser and wasn't even hurt, went right back to bed after she caught her breath.

    Ah, I've a few more, but am tired, need to look to see how others are!

    there's always hope...even for CFS!
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    I took the head board off my bed, when I changed my bedroom around. Forgot to lock wheels under the bed.
    My DH was out of town.

    Later I went to bed, and read a tiny bit and put the book down and was ready to turn off my little lamp on the low dresser now next to my bed. I spied a big spider on the ceiling above my head, spinning a web. I could not go to sleep with that over me or anyway near me.

    Since I have been more prone to falls, I have used "common sense", I no longer climb up on things to reach. Hard to break myself of that since I am 5 ft. tall. I thought of my long handled Swifter, right inside my closet that I had used for cleaning and got it. I still could not reach high enough.

    So "me thinks"....if you use confidence and judge yourself correctly (etc.) you can climb up on the bed and reach the creepy crawly. Just do not act like a little ole lady, you used to do all this not so long ago! The theme "Rocky" played in my head.

    Up I went with my trusted killer Swifter..has a long handle....I reached up and made a forward thrust to hit the spider. I did not want to be directly under it. In doing so my bed developed a mind of its own and started moving backwards....
    I was weaving and bobbing to try and not fall and I kept falling towards the head of the bed and the bed still moving, showed me more and more of the floor that was once under the bed. Motion was throwing me and I could not gain control.

    I was afraid to fall in between the bed and the wall. So I was kicking the wall with my feet and hands and I started to fall sideways...and my clock radio and lamp started to fall off the dresser and I hit them back onto the dresser!

    I am sure it looked as if I had developed a new dance or Karate moves. I could never get enough control to just sit down as the force kept throwing me forward to what was the head of the bed.

    Finally the bed stopped! Anymore and I would of fallen in between the bed and the wall, as my arms and legs are not long enough the further it crept back. Here I had forgotten to move the little rocker back to its spot in the bedroom when I was cleaning and changing things around......and the rocker stopped the bed.

    I was able to fall onto the bed, but I bounced off on to the floor, hitting the side of the bed.

    I then had problems sleeping when I got things back together, 'cause I did not know if I got that spider or not!
    He could be in my bedding? I even shook it out.

    Next day I hurt all over and that lasted quite a while!

    Moral to my story: Next time I see a spider on my bedroom ceiling I go to the couch and sleep! No more thoughts of grandeur.....I will never get taller, but I am pushing for smarter?

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