Hello? I have a question, about men

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kats1978, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. kats1978

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    Why is it that all men seem to just be jurks, I findly got enough nerve up to tell him the truth about my FMS and instead of sticking by my side he left me. Is there any hope out there left for a female such as myself? Or are all men jurks?
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  2. jeanderek

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    Even though it hurts right now. Its better to have been honest and found out what a jerk he is now than to get any deeper into it and get your heart crushed worse later. I know that doesnt make things better for you right now but if you look at it that why then its for the best. I am sorry that he did that to you, and there are some good guys out there. I was so selective when I married my husband I made sure he was exactly what I wanted and with you being honest with him that was the best thing you could do cause now you know he is not the one. I hope that you feel better really soon. You will be in my prayers and don't let this get you down sweetie see it as a blessing.

  3. Debgene56

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    couldn't of said it better! Love, Deb
  4. Kathryn

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    Some guys are self-centered jerks, but so are some women. You are awfully young, so my advice would be to just be patient. The right guy IS out there, he is just waiting for you to stop looking for him. Seriously, the good ones always seem to turn up when we are not looking for them. Join a club that interests you. Volunteer somewhere. You obviously like animals, your local humane society is probably begging for volunteers. Take a class at your local community college. Something like beginning welding or mechanics, or anything that sounds interesting to you that also sounds typically "male". Join a church singles group. Ham radio, model railroad, fishing - learn to tie flies. Just a few suggestions for you. I met my husband at the American Legion. I was not looking to meet anyone. I just took a friend who was dumping a real jerk out to get her mind off her troubles.
  5. kats1978

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    this might be werid but he said that he didn't want somebody that builds a web of depression, I asked every body I know and all they said was thst with what is going on in my life I am not depressed, so far have I been truely depressed?
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    Are men!

    Love, Mikie