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    I was just diagnosed with fibro after suspecting it for a very long time. I finally found the greatest doc in the world. Anyway, I was just wondering what if anything do any of you think about GNC Women's Ulra Mega Vitamins? I am just curious, they don't seem to halp me with the energy at all. My Aunt says that every time she takes them, she gets so so energized. Please let me know. Thanks everyone. I usually post on the depression board, but would like to give some very soft and comffortable hugs over here too. Brandy:)
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    Dear Brandy,

    I have never used the product from GNC. But, I suspect
    that it helps people who don't have FM, or CFS.
    I do take something from my doc called Adderal, it's
    a stimulant. But, I don't really get that much out of it,
    just keeps me from staying in the recliner all day.

    When I pulled up your profile I could hardly believe it!!!!!!!!! I showed your picture to the rest of my family, and they swore too, that you look JUST like me.
    You're younger of course. And you have'nt been through as
    much of the misery as I have over the last 13 years. But,
    I could hardly believe it myself. I'd like to know if you
    are as tall as me. I'm almost 5'8. I can't tell my weight
    cause after taking all these meds, well, you know, it makes
    you gain a little. Plus I've had 3 children, all girls.
    Plus, I just like to eat. excuses, excuses, excuses.

    I see that you still work, that is good. I had to
    leave a fantastic job just last year. It was like a rug
    being pulled out from under my feet. But, a couple years
    ago, I knew the time would be soon. I sure do like being at
    home, but, I had worked so hard to get to where I was, it
    made it that much harder to leave.

    Anyway, I have'nt read many of your posts, so I don't
    know your personality, but, from your bio, you sound like
    you are a very warm and caring person. And your hubby looks
    like he's tons of fun.
    I'd like to hear back from you, if you want to talk
    more about other things, really anything. I saw where you
    said you usually post on the depression board. I've never
    posted there, but, I'll tell you, I do suffer from depression. If you do, maybe we could share thoughts on the

    Here's my E-addy. If I hear from you soon, I will
    delete it after I hear from you, so please E-mail me soon
    if you are interested. DianeLetson@wmconnect.com

    Take care, consider yourself with a very soft and comfortable hug. That's the best medicine.


    What does your nichname mean?
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    Of course, I am no doctor, so this is just what has helped me. At the suggestion of a neighbor of my mother's best friend, who has had FMS for 24 years, I began taking a vitamin supplement called Km from a company called Matol in June 2002. I began to have less fatigue and less pain in 5 weeks! I have slowly added their antioxidants, digestive enzymes, & multi-vitamin. This is basically now up to 10 pills a day, but it has been so worth it. Compared to 9 months ago, I can definitely say that my life is better (especially the fatigue).

    Good luck & I hope this is helpful. -k2