Hello, i,ve just found this site ,newby,depression is back very low

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by zalmum, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Hi just thought id say hi , hope its ok, suffered with depression in 2007 till last year when i came off the meds, but the last few weeks ,ive just felt this black cload coming back, feel so lonely at the moment , just had a lots of tears over the kitchen sink. Worse thing is I had reasons last time,really dont know why i feel this rubbish now, was building my life back up , getting friends ,going out etc, now i dont want to see anyone, think everyone is talking about me and im such a failure..i dont even know why i,m writing this on here, really sorry but just dont have anyone to talk to about it. sorry and thanks if youve just read this......kim
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    Welcome to the board. There is also a depression board on this site. See upper
    right hand corner. You might want to post there.

    What are you doing to fight back against depression? There are lots of modalities
    that may help. You can read my profile and see what helped me and what you
    might want to try. Just click on my name above.

    You are not a failure; you are depressed. Big difference. Best of luck

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    I too struggle with depression, isolation, and feeling like a failure. I just joined a DBT group and have committed to a year doing this group. I am hoping this will be the one thing that gets me out of this vicious cycle.

    Are you in therapy?? Do you have anyone that you can talk to about this?? Writing or doing a journal may help you to *see* exactly what is bothering you.

    Good luck...