Hello, i'm a new member, real glad i found this site

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bronagh, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Bronagh, i'm thrilled i came accross this site.

    My story is very long, after this introduction i will send in another post about myself later in the day.I will briefly fill you in on some details and hope you will identify with me.I will be 55 next month and i've been turned down for Disability.I have only claimed Disability once in my 30 years of work,years ago, i claimed for 5 weeks and was sent before a Social Security Assessor who found me fit to work!!!!!!!!!History repeating itself.

    I was diagnosed by my Dr years ago that i had Fibrositis, i also started with my back problem at the time but had to keep working because my husband got throat cancer and had to have a Laryngectomy age 31, i had two young sons at the time. I am a Hairdresser by trade.During those years i learned to ignore pain, i worked with the help of meds.

    The years have taken their toll on me and i now have numerous problems.

    Degenerative Disc in L4-L5, mild Scoliosis mid lumbar spine.
    Irritable Bowel.
    Esophageal Reflux Disease, had Gastroscopy done 3 times, nothing showed.
    Bladder painful spasms pit of my stomach, unable to pass much urine at times, had an Ultrasound done, nothing showed.
    Constant burning pain under left ribcage, no answer for this problem.
    High Cholesterol.
    Swelling with pins needles in lower legs.
    Pre Diabetes, not on meds, trying to sort it out with my diet.

    I have all of the other symptoms that go with Fibromyalgia.

    My Dr is not always supportive although she gave me a great supportive letter for the medical assessor, he assessed me in 3 minutes, didnt ask any questions about my back problem or anything else, i have come to the conclusion that i LOOK TOO HEALTHY:)

    I'm 55 and expected to be able to work with my problems, there is no justice.

    I am thinking of appealing the decision with the help of a public elected representitive.

    I can cope with most of my problems on a good day but can you tell me if any of you have the underneath left ribcage burning pain? Has it got something to do with Fibromyalgia?

    Looking forward to replies when you get the time.

    Thank you.

  2. Welcome! And from Ireland! How nice you found this board. We are close in age. The ribcage pain is chondrositis (SP?) alot of fibro people have it. This fibro is one horrible disease, my dr. said while it might not kill you, it can make you wish it did. How true.
    May I ask , did your husband survive his cancer? So young to have cancer. How sad.
    Well I hope you enjoy this site, it has tons of info on it. More people will be on later, it is only 622 am in USA.
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member


    i am relatively new myself and so happy i have this sounding board and very informative.

    keep appealing your ssdi.

    i did get approved iwas 39 finally when i got approved, but mine for clsoed period. so now i have reopened my case or new case, with more evidence with the same old stuff as before. i went back to work oct-04 thru dec-04 went on disability too much stress and depression/anxiety and the pain and the back. you can read my bio.

    i had my last review eval for ssdi on 7/28/05 for this current case so i pry they will approve it this first time so i can figure out how i will financially survie. anywasy welcome aboard.

    sorry to hear about you husband as well, i had a neighbor he was young 31 years old had thoart cancer and her did survive. i hope our husband's outcome has ben as fortuanate.

  4. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Fibrobutterfly and Jodie,

    Thank you for your warm welcome.

    Yes, my husband did survive, they had to remove his Larynx and he had to learn to speak in a new way, it's called Esophageal Speech, you have to have a speech therapist (spelling )? to teach you how to speak again, it will never sound like his own voice but he is alive.
    We were just four years married and had a young son, i turned 24 the day he had his operation, NICE PRESENT!!!!A very long story.

    I've often wondered if the shock of what happened to him started my Fibromyalgia!!!!

    I've been reading as much as i can since i found the forum.
    I've always know i had Fibromyalgia but put it to one side through the years because my back problem kicked in big time and i thought a lot of my problems came from that.

    When you are turned down for Disability it takes your confidence away, the day i was assessed the assessor had me in for just 3 minutes, it's beyond me how he could have assessed me properly, i was his last claimant so i'm sure he wanted to get away:)
    Social Security want to see my hospital records ( assessor didnt want to see them or my meds on the day, he said my Dr's letter was sufficent)i went to see an elected representitive to government, he is very good with these cases, he is faxing a letter with my records to them, if they still turn me down i can appeal.

    The good thing about social security over here is that they act quickly, i only had to wait for five weeks before i went before the assessor, i had the turn down letter a week after that, im waiting for the decision on my records, i should have it by next Monday, i'll let you know how it goes.
    I'm not hopeful so i will not be dissapointed.

    CHONDROSITIS! Never heard of it, i have been to hospital three times to have scope down and up, thankfully in one way nothing showed, i explained to hospital Dr about the ribcage pain but he told me he does not know what it is and didnt suggest anything else, i am having another Scope down in October but i know it is a waste of time, they will not knock you out when you are having the camera down and it is very unpleasant:(

    I will look up Chrondrositis, at least my problem will have a name:)

    Thank you all again, hope to talk soon.


  5. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Welcome :) We are close in age I'm 50. You will love this group lots of wisdom and love here.
    Take care,
  6. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Dee50,

    Thank you for your welcome, nice to meet everyone here.

  7. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Thank you Butzie and Amanda for your warm welcome.

    It's been a very long road that i've travelled, i find it amazing that i'm actually connecting with people that are in the same boat as myself, the internet certainly makes it a small world.

    It's lovely to meet you all.

  8. Meekah

    Meekah New Member

    Welcome Aboard!!

    You have really come to the right place! I joined this wonderful group in April of this year and it's been great! The people here are so great and supportive. It's so nice to have a place to come where people TRULY understand what we go through

  9. sandi24

    sandi24 New Member

    Welcome aboard. I lived in the UK too and am 49yrs old. (now in Canada), I was diagnosed back in '98 (in UK and was told this was what I had been suffering with for the past 20yrs at that time) and was told I was lucky! He (Rheumy) said its not rheumatoid arthritis its fibro.. so whilst its painful its not degenerative and wont kill you!

    My pain has indeed got progressively worse.. I have to really think before I do anything, I add up the pros and cons.. can no longer act impulsively.. as I know what causes even more pain!

    I have recently started having pain under my left ribcage..I haven't had it before so was afraid it was now kidney stones or something.. I was unaware this is again another FMS symptom.

    This DD is awful but here you will find people with the same illness and can share in your pain.. not look at you and think you are faking it! (ohh I wish my mother-in-law only knew the half of the pain we suffer day in and day out!!)

    Welcome :)
  10. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Sandie and Meekah

    Thank you for your welcome, nice to meet you all.

    In a way, it's good that someone else has the ribcage problem, i'm sure my Dr thinks i'm nuts because most test results show nothing, she doesn't follow anything up for me i have to push her all the time. I had to push her to send me to the Rheumatologist i will be seeing him this Monday coming, not sure if he can do anything though.

    What exactly can a Rheumatologist do for Fibro?

    Looking forward to talking to you all.


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