Hello, I'm a newby, in pain, wore out, thankful for you guys!!!

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  1. jgckeyes

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    My name is Jenny I am 47 this yr, I was dx FM 2 yrs ago. These last 3-4 months everything is getting worse, the pain, the moods and the furstration. It seems no one knows what I am living with. I know you all do and I am so grateful to find this site and this helpful info.

    I have a cousin w/FM she has had it for yrs, and family makes remarks like-she acts fine WHEN she does come around, and acts like there is nothing wrong. Well hello...

    I really would like to know if any of you get in certain moods that you just do not feel like being around any one-even family. Maybe not in pain but just get in the mood you just don't want to be around people.(OR IS IT ME) I get very uncomfortable when I have no other choice but to be around people!(then I feel even worse than before and sometimes actually do start hurting) I have been made to feel like it is all me and I am just an unsocialable person! Please HELP!!!
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    Hi Jenny! I'm alot like that too~ THEE unsocialable one!LOL I have friends that call me and leave amessage on my machine,(while I'm sitting right there but just don't feel like chatting)Sometimes it takes me a few days to get back to them.When i do they'll bit** because I don't return their calls or "I never want to go anywhere anymore".....I'm sure it sounds somewhat familiar.
    Just yesterday my 3 sisters and a sister-in-law were making plans to go to the Casino next week.Well they asked me too,and I said "yeah if I feel OK". One of them laughed,like I was trying to be funny????They just don't understand at ALL what this disease is!! I may feel OK for a day,then unable to function for the next 5 days!!
    I can't plan ahead!! Can you? Thats a sad thing when you can't say yes to an invitation...because your pretty damn sure that you'll feel to ill to go!!
    I have to call the shots with the when,where,how longs~
    People do annoy me!! They take feeling Good for granted!!
    God I'd LOVE to feel GOOD once in awhile!!
    Ok......I've rambled on a bit.my feathers are ruffled!!LOL
    Your not alone!
  3. Dayle

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    But since I've worked out most of the abuse I suffered as a child I am much more social. And I really enjoy my family & special friends. One important thing that I learned is to DUMP, YES DUMP all those that bring you down. You don't have to be mean about it but if anyone is rude to you etc. you have to set them straight. Only you know how you feel. Let them know you are suffering. That you need support not critizing. Face it what kind of friend puts more stress on the ill.
    Love; D
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    Girl, you are not the only one who feels this way!! As you see with all the posts there are others of us who have the same problems. I struggled with the opinions of others and my family, especially right after I was diagnosed. But, the fact is, no one knows how you feel except you and guess who has to live with the pain. You will have to learn to put your needs first and let them say what they want. You have to be your own best friend sometimes. God Bless and soft hugs. Donna 0:)
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    I thought I was the only one with this problem. I worry so much when I am around people because I am so tired from lack of sleep that I cannot focus on what they say, then I cannot think of anything to say to them because I just want to lay down somewhere. Plus -who wants to be around someone that acts this way? I actually feel sorry for the other person who is trying to be nice to me by talking. I am trying so hard to focus, it makes me exhausted. I know I would not be this way if it were not for this DD. Brain Fog is the pits!!
    This is very hard to explain. I hope someone else here understands what I am talking about.
  6. jgckeyes

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    I guess I'm tired of feeling like it is me and I feel guilty like it is me and there really isn't anything wrong with me. Now how does that sound---like I'm 2 fries short of a happy meal. Well that's the way I feel--am I feeling sorry for myself? Forgive me I'm just really down and out today. The sun is beautiful I want to go out and do something in the yard--but I don't feel like it! I feel so useless and lazy and stupid (brain fog). I used to be very active, could do just about anything---now it's all can do to keep the house clean and meals cooked. Forgive me for playing my fiddle, I really don't mean too!
    Thanks for your input it does help to know you are not the only one whoo feels this way. Thank you again!!! LOL and SOFT HUGS,