Hello I'm anthony and I have had cfs for nine years.

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  1. Ajd1186

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    Hello, My name is Anthony and I have had cfs for nine years. I was first diagnosed when I was 16 years old after seeing the doctor over and over about the fatigue I was suddenly experiencing, I have been living with it ever since. At first I just tried to ignore it and live like I was everyone else. Eating what I wanted, running around all the time and never resting. Well that did not end well for me. I changed my lifestyle, I am now 25 and I have removed fast food,sugar,pop and most processed foods from my diet, I go to bed around 10-11 every night and I take a multivitamin, ginko biloba and algae daily, and I try to exercise when my body can handle it. I'm looking for more advice on things I can do to further improve my quality of life. I want to get back into college and get a degree in computer technology but I find the demands of class and work and life in general become too much and I "crash" again. I have a hard time being able to handle work and day to day activities as is. I'm not at the point where I am bedridden but My energy does run out fairly quick. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Well there is a lot of information around the boards of things people have done to improve their quality of life and do really well. It seems like you are on a good track as far as life style goes. Is it possible for you to cut down your work load and do part time work and part time school? Luckily you are not bedridden, but obviously the illness is enough to significantly affect your daily life.

    There are all kinds of things you can do that you can find around the boards like mitochondrial supplements, cutting out more things from diet and lifestyles, immune modulating supplements, methylation supplements, specific exercises, and medications. Do you currently take any medications? Have you before? If not or even if you have, maybe keep looking for medications like various antidepressants like Cymbalta or Prozac. There are plenty of options and things to try out there so stay hopeful.

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    Hi, Anthony.

    I suggest that you view the video and slides (available by clicking on the blue print below the video) at this site. This will give you information about methylation treatment, which is helping many PWCs internationally. (I just heard from a person in Bulgaria! It's just unbelievable what the reach of the internet is these days.) Here's the website:


    Best regards,


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    Hi Anthony, So sorry to hear you came down with CFS at such a young age. I admire you asking for advice so that you can have the best chance of achieving your goals without becoming bedridden.

    First of all I wondered if you have a CFS specialist that takes care of you. That can be so helpful. A CFS specialist can give and interput a VO2Max test. That test tells exactly where you are as far as physical capacity. If you fail the test, you could apply for disability. If you get on disability you could use the rest of your energies for school.

    I know many young PWC's who were able to finish classes by doing as many of them on line as possible and making a creative schedule which allows for rest peroids for the classes you must attend in person. Even if you can go out in your car and lay in the back seat flat for a while, it can recharge your batteries.

    If you are going to school and working then a social life may have to be set aside to achieve your goals. That is no fun but trying to do everything is a recipe for disaster.

    I would do the methylation protocol. Also ask your doctor to try you on LDN. And take supplements for both your immunity and your energy needs.

    It may also be helpful to get a hold of other young persons with CFS on Facebook or Phoenix Rising etc., to compare notes and see what worked for them.

    Wishing you well, MicheleK
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    I am so sorry to learn of your me/CFS at such a young age. You are definitely on the right tract. You should add extra methyl-12 to your supplements. There is a recent post about the methylaction protocol. Also you can search any old posts at the top of the board for more info.

    I was diagnosed with fibro at 32. I recently learned that I can not tolerate wheat gluten and now I eat a lot more fresh vegetables. In addition I take a cocktail of supplements. When I started on the methyl-b12 I was able to have enough energy to prepare healthy meals for myself and family. After four months of taking supplements and going gluetin free, I felt about 75% better and I am getting more and more improvement daily. I no longer take pharma meds.

    I wish you well in your journey.

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    Hang in there, buddy! I understand. There are not a whole lot of us guys either. But reach out to groups online too. Facebook has a few really great groups for 'invisible diseases' too.

    Please continue to reach out for help. Whatever you do, LISTEN to your body and your intuition about your health and lifestyle. You are in my thoughts. We are all one big family!!
  7. Ajd1186

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome and the tips. I'm going to try to use a few of them and see how they work for me. My main problem at the moment is a severe episode of depression that I just can't seem to shake. Any advice on natural supplements that help with depression would be greatly appreciated

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