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    Hello all. I'm back after a short trip to my home in Tucson. It was disappointing in that I saw my regular doc (the best I've had so far), and took him all the latest info on hpercoagulation (with the lab right up there nearby in Phoenix), anitbiotics and bacterial infections, protocol for isoprinosine and kutapressin (I'm one of those REALLY affected by viral load, especially in winter), use of cortisol, etc. It didn't prick his interest at all. He does treat me for pain control and sleep control but doesn't seem interested in anything BEHIND these problems, root causes. I aso took him the lyme info and Shoemaker's tests and protocols. Bummmer. No interest.

    So, I have to move on to another doc to keep trying to get to the root of things. THIS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP.
    I am currently in Iowa (where I'll be for quite a while due to an ill parent) and need to know if anyone can suggest a doc up here (or even in Chicago area????)who might tune into some of this new research????????

    This board is so full of good information but it is so frustrating to find anyone to work with us??????????

    Any suggesttions????????? Sorry this is so long. I really thought
    my doc would at least run some tests.

    Question: I thought Madwolf was originally on prednisone, now he says on cortisone and prednisone doesn't do the same. Anyone know why not? Thanks, Beckster
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    This is how I found my holistic doctor, which is the type of doc you need.
    Find the website for Great Smokies Laboratory. Send them an e-mail and ask for a listing of all the doctors in your area that use their lab. They'll be glad to send you this.
    Any doc that uses them is going to be holistically oriented,as they handle most of the alternative testing. You decide how far you are willing to drive and give them that info.
    If you are in a big city or a University town, you may find one under "holistic" in the Yellow Pages.
    You can also do a websearch and find some listings of holistic docs that way.
    Good luck,

    P.S. Prednisone is synthetic and very strong and does not act the same as small physiologic doses of natural cortisol, sold under the name Cortef.[This Message was Edited on 07/01/2003]
    [This Message was Edited on 07/01/2003]
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    of your responses are good ideas. I'll follow through.
    Also, I always greatly appreciate all the information you both post; and I'm sure a lot of others do, too.