Hello, I'm new here, but have a question!

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    It started when I was about 12, and lasted for maybe a year or two. Then suddenly at the beginning of this year has come back. For reasons unknown to me, and none of which anyone else can figure out, I just feel very weird all the time. Like I'm here, but not.I'll be going about my normal day, and suddenly I start to feel "out there" and "not right". The odd part is mere memories or thinking about something random seems to trigger it the most! What bothers me most, is the fact that it's accompanied by this " terrifying " feeling. It scares the hell right out of me. Sometimes to the point where I start crying. It's so embarrassing! Please help! I'm on the verge of jumping off a cliff, its seriously affecting my evey day life, and I'm close to losing my job because of this!