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    I just found this site. Boy ther'e sure getting to be a lot of us. I've had CFS for at least 20 years. I used to feel like I was the only one in the whole world with these weird problems but unfortunately our ranks seem to be multiplying geometrically.
    I think there is something changing on this planet that's starting to affect more & more people. This year where I live a large number of people I know over 40 complain of fatigue, viral infections, aching all over, panic attacks & other health problems. Maybe it's just misery loves company but I don't think so. Both me & my neighbor often have panic attacks before lightning storms & the sun seems to drain my strength instead of making me feel stronger like it used to. I don't know what the hell's going on. I hate to sound apocalyptic but has anyone else noticed all the trees that are dying. I've been clear out to Montana up thru the Canadian provinces, down to Florida & over to Pennsylvania this summer & everywhere trees are dying by the millions particularly along the interstate highways and particularly evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, & fir but also some varieties of decideous trees particularly locust, & soft maple. Millions of trees all over this continent & I haven't heard anyone else make mention of it. To me even though I got a forestry degree it looks so striking that something is wrong.
    Anyway, that's a big divergence from CFS but I just wonder whether something isn't changing that's affecting a lot of living things now particularly us poor wretches with CFS.

    John M.
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    Hi John, glad you found us. I have FM, not CFS, but I do understand how you feel. I do not know one person in real life that has either one of these illnesses, and up to 9 years ago, I lived a very active life around hundreds of people from all walks of life, I also had FM for over twenty years. Maybe the differnt areas.

    I moved to the country to get out of the fast paced, crime ridden city. I live on five acres of well florishing uncut land, just one acre for the house/gargage and a small lawn are cleared, yes I am a 'nut' for the environment too.

    Everything here in this area of Louisiana is lush and beautiful (this is a farming, swamp, and forest area). But we do have areas in the state where there are dead zones and the Cypress trees have suffered from the salt water intruding into the freshwater swamps and lakes. Also the areas where they have those chemical plants that have ruined land and polluted the air .

    The interstate 10, 12,55,51, area is just stunningly beautiful out here with trees, wild roses, and all kinds of flowering plants and scrubs year round.

    I did not know it was as bad as you described in other areas. I have not been keeping up lately.

    Well, hope you find some answers, would like to know then myself.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope you keep educating us.

    I am always sounding Apocalyptic, in fact I use to teach Eschatology..................

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Yes there is something changing on the planet, poor food, pollution, toxic waste, radiation, pesticides, etc. etc. We are killing our planet.......in so many ways.....and killing ourselves. I used to be a very pessimistic person, but I'm not feeling that way these days. On a lighter note, welcome to this group.....I hope you find the friends and support yu need here.

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    One of the theories is that people are being diagnosed with our illnesses at younger and younger ages because of the stress that pollution is putting on young bodies. A person who is genetically predisposed to our illnesses, and I do believe we are genetically predisposed, can only take so much stress. If the body is already stressed out from the polluted environment, it takes very little else to put it over the edge.

    I have been ranting and raving here about the Red Tide here in SW Florida which is killing fish. Red Tide is a natural occurance, but it is fueled by pollution. It is toxic to people and it has been making us sick.

    The Corps of Engineers have ruined the Everglades, our largest treasure, and it will take billions of dollars and years to restore it, assuming it can be restored.

    Water Management releases fresh water from Lake Okachobie in large amounts which destroys the salinity of the mouth of our river here and disrupts the wildlife. Our water supply is not adequate for the present population but the developers have all the politicians in their pockets and the growth is really stressing our environment and pocketbooks. Our aquafiers are drying up. When I moved here six years ago, huge birds came to the pond out back to fish. Now, I rarely see them because of the development going on all around us.

    There are warnings not to eat any fish caught here because they aren't safe due to toxins like mercury. Salmon is about the only fish I eat anymore and I'm sure it isn't any longer safe either.

    Well, that's my story of doom & gloom. When are we going to catch on? When it's too late and everyone over the age of 20 is too sick to do anything? It isn't just the genetically predisposed who are hurt by the way we are treating our environment.

    Love, Mikie
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    HI i think you are absolutly right . i am not to sure what could be causing this . i live in wisconsin and alot of our trees and grasses and everything living is either dieing off or is becoming diseased. i think it is sad and it makes me wonder what is really going on. i know when i was young we lived near a factory of some sort and they used to have to evacuate the neighborhood because of toxic chemicals leaking into the air. my mother told me this. i have been having symptoms since about the age 14. i also have panic disorder and i used to suffer terrible debilitating attacs. well it is something to think about. thanks for the post and welcome to the board. kris
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    What I meant to say in my above post is that I used to be an optimist!