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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tonia1990, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. tonia1990

    tonia1990 New Member

    Hello.Im new here.My name is tonia im 32 years old and i live in a small town in new york state.I have had Fibro and Cfs for about 9 years now.Im on social security disability and workers compensation.I have no children always wanted them but my husband cant have any.So i have a Daschund named Lady And Cat.Loving husband and loving family but lost most of my friends due to the illness.I found this board awhile ago and read it every day it's just im so shy i havent posted before.I find this site very helpfull.
    My doctor has my on celbrex and lortab and now has added morphine he wants me to take it one in the morning and once at night.My question is has any of you been on this drug?I just worry so much about taking all these together.Any info would be appreciated.
    Thank You and i look forward to getting to know you all.
  2. lolee

    lolee New Member


    I'm fairly new here myself, but I gotta tell ya! THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!

    You have "moved in" to the most loving, supportive and knowledgable neighborhood you could ever want to find!

    Haven't done the morphine, vicodine here. But someone will answer soon!

    again, welcome welcome welcome!

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hi Tonia, I live in Upstate NY too! Also I am new to ANY message boards, took me a while to even figure them out.

    I have learned very quickly that to get lots of answers you may need to title a new message titled Celebrex and Lortab-need feedback.

    So sorry you lost friends due to your illness-people who are not in pain themselves have a really hard time sticking with us. I think it is the same with any illness-I have friends with bi polar illness and they largely get ignored by everyone, even though they have never presented me with any problems and have been just fine.

    I just had a youngish friend die and hardly anyone visited her when she needed them, was in a lot of pain, but boy, they all managed to show up to bury her.....but that's another sad story.

    Anyway, hope you get some answers. I try not to use anything that hasn't been on the pharm. market for over ten years as I think all the drug companies push docs to prescribe new, more lucrative meds, when sometimes, old, tried and true ones work(if anything will work) just as well without the risks. I'm just not trustingt of new drugs although on the boards here they are making people's lives at least half way tolerable and many swear by them.

  4. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    Sorry you have your health problems but very glad you found this wonderful place...

    I can't help you with the meds issue, I am anti-drug as much as it hurts...That may start to change in the near future tho so you may find me asking for info...

    I am an ex New Yorker (Long Island) and wanted to wish you a warm hello...You will find that this place has the only friends you will need that will understand you...

  5. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    You have come to a wonderful place. There are so many caring,supportive people here. There are certainly people here on Morphine and I hope they jump in. You can also search old posts with the Search feature at the top left.
    I'm from Canada. We are a really international bunch.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Just wanted to say Hi and a Big Warm Welcome!! Lot's of caring, loving and understanding people here!!

    When you feel no one else understands...We Do!!! Your not alone!!

    Lots of info here!!

    I have taken/tired a form of morphine....for me it just didn't seem to help like it should...I know sounds crazy...my body just acts so differently to certain meds.

    As far as you worring about taking to much...I think your ok...I take a combination now...I have a strong pain med i take 2x a day...then I also have lorcet for break through pain....Your doc probably still has you on the lortab for break through pain as well as to see how the morphine is going to do....If this really concerns you...please talk with your doctor more about this!!

    Again..Welcome Aboard!!
  7. sdown

    sdown New Member

    Hi, Im 44 and have been sick for 5 years. I have CFS and Addison's disease (adrenal gland exhaustion). Well the doc told me adrenal gland exhaustion causes chronic fatigue. For pain and as a mood stabilizer I suggest SAMe. Its a supplement and is available on this site. Thanks to SAMe my moods are better, no more pain and my nervous system is alot better. If I get the flu or an infection I take 800 mg a day of SAMe but normally I only take 400 mg. If your on anti-depressants check with the doctor because SAMe helps with depression as well. Many people take it instead of anti-depressants. It cleanses your liver as well. It is something we normally produce in our bodies but when we are chronically ill it is very depleted. So therefore the doc explained to me I needed to take SAMe. Yes all the drugs are hard on your kidney and liver. Milk Thistle helps clean out your liver. I take the liquid milk thistle available at the health food store its more potent than the tablets. I take 3 tbsp a day. I can relate to the loss of friends. The phone doesn't ring very often here. I have a good husband and an 11 year old son who help out alot. Take care.
  8. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    May I extend to you a warm welcome to this message board.. and include a great big soft {{{{hug}}} as well.

    I am sure you will find a tremendous amount of helpful information here, as well as lots of listening and understanding ears. So many here have much wisdom as they have been fighting this DD (darn disease) for years. So you should be able to get lots of helpful ideas to make your days and nights a little easier to handle.

    You can also type in a word in the "search" box and look at all the past postings on any given subject. Also, do a search on "abbreviations" and you will get a long list of commom abbreviations that are used here... like I just used "DD".

    I've been visiting and posting on this site for a few years now... I've learned a lot and found so much help when I just wanted to vent. IT IS SO NICE KNOWING THAT OTHERS OUT THERE UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH. There are lots of very nice people here who have big hearts of compassion and a willingness to offer solid advice on many topics.


    Blessings and welcome to you Dear Tonia!! CarolK
  9. tonia1990

    tonia1990 New Member

    I jut wanted too thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.I cant wait to get to know you all.
    Thanks again.
  10. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    sorry you lost friends due to fm/me but you will make plenty here :)

    ive just come off morphine and am now taking tramadol so far i am quite happy with tramadol.
    nice to meet you :)
  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    So Glad you found us and Welcome!!

    I looked around awhile back for CF/Fibro boards and found this one best. Everyone is so helpful.
    And it nice and busy!!
    other boards would take days to get any replys to posts~ This one is very quick and busy.

    I'm in NY too. Near Oneida / Utica NY.(sangertown mall)
    Where abouts are you? are you closeby?

    Hope to get to know you :)
  12. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Welcome, glad you found us here!!!

    Like Tandy, I'm from Utica, NY, but now live in the Kansas City area. I haven't used morphine, I know others here have & can tell you of their experiences with it. Sounds like you have a doctor open to trying to relieve your pain. As you know from reading posts here, there are any number of ways (traditional drugs, natural healthcare, massage, etc.) members here have sought to relieve pain, so keep reading! I can't tell you how much I've learned in the 3-4 years I've been here.

    Welcome, again, hope to "see" you more often!

  13. tonia1990

    tonia1990 New Member

    I live in Walton new York.Im about an 45 minutes to an hour away from Binghamton new york or about an hour away from Albany .
  14. zerped

    zerped New Member

    Sorry to hear about your friends. There have been times when I've gone to Starbucks and back, just so I can see people moving around and doing stuff!

    If you've never taken morphine before, ask your dr. if they can test you for allergy to it. It's not terribly common, but I was given morphine for the first time almost 20 years ago. Turns out I am allergic, so I spent a couple hours on a ventilator having convulsions. Don't mean to sound extreme here. Seems like just about everything on earth is good for some and bad for others!
  15. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I'm glad you found this site, where people understand what you are going through. I'm sorry you have lost friends; it seems to happen far more than it should. They tire of canceled dates, your being too "tired" (exhausted) to do what you said you could do when you felt better, etc. etc.
  16. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Welcome to the family!!

    You state that you are currently on Lortab and your doc has ADDED morphine to take twice a day? WOW! Personally, I would not that both of them daily!!! That is too much narcotics!! For me, it would be one or the other!! Morphine is a pretty strong drug and I would do without it if I could and stick with the Lortab. If the Lortabs are cutting your pain any, you could add 600 mg of ibuprofen and take with them. If that doesn't help, I would try Percocet, but save the morphine for when you're in the hospital recovering from surgery! Now, that is just MY personal opinion, and some might not agree with me.

    And, personally, I don't think the Celebrex, if it's still on the market, does anything for fibro or arthritis. The ibuprofen is better than the Celebrex!

    It's strange that he does not have you on any anti-depressant--most all fibro patients take one, unless you can't tolerate them.

    After experimenting with everything, what works best for me is Cymbalta, Neurotin, and Zanaflex at bedtime. I have also had a sleep study and find that I have obstructive sleep apnea. For that, I sleep with a CPAP machine and oxygen.

    I have a ton of problems and take enough pills a day to own a pharmacy! LOL (see my bio)

    Here is a list, FYI, of some other problems that are associated with fibro .....

    Fibro Symptoms List

    ____ Fatigue, made worse by physical exertion or stress
    ____ Activity level decreased to less than 50% of pre-illness activity level
    ____ Recurrent flu-like illness
    ____ Sore throat
    ____ Hoarseness
    ____ Tender or swollen lymph nodes (glands), especially in neck and underarms
    ____ Shortness of breath (air hunger) with little or no exertion
    ____ Frequent sighing
    ____ Tremor or trembling
    ____ Severe nasal allergies (new allergies or worsening of previous allergies)
    ____ Cough
    ____ Night sweats
    ____ Low-grade fevers
    ____ Feeling cold often
    ____ Feeling hot often
    ____ Cold extremities (hands and feet)
    ____ Low body temperature (below 97.6)
    ____ Low blood pressure (below 110/70)
    ____ Heart palpitations
    ____ Dryness of eyes and/or mouth
    ____ Increased thirst
    ____ Symptoms worsened by temperature changes
    ____ Symptoms worsened by air travel
    ____ Symptoms worsened by stress

    ____ Headache
    ____ Tender points or trigger points
    ____ Muscle pain
    ____ Muscle twitching
    ____ Muscle weakness
    ____ Paralysis or severe weakness of an arm or leg
    ____ Joint pain
    ____ TMJ syndrome
    ____ Chest pain

    ____ Lightheadedness; feeling "spaced out"
    ____ Inability to think clearly ("brain fog")
    ____ Seizures
    ____ Seizure-like episodes
    ____ Syncope (fainting) or blackouts
    ____ Sensation that you might faint
    ____ Vertigo or dizziness
    ____ Numbness or tingling sensations
    ____ Tinnitus (ringing in one or both ears)
    ____ Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
    ____ Noise intolerance

    ____ Feeling spatially disoriented
    ____ Dysequilibrium (balance difficulty)
    ____ Staggering gait (clumsy walking; bumping into things)
    ____ Dropping things frequently
    ____ Difficulty judging distances (e.g. when driving; placing objects on surfaces)
    ____ "Not quite seeing" what you are looking at

    ____ Hypersomnia (excessive sleeping)
    ____ Sleep disturbance: unrefreshing or non-restorative sleep
    ____ Sleep disturbance: difficulty falling asleep
    ____ Sleep disturbance: difficulty staying asleep (frequent awakenings)
    ____ Sleep disturbance: vivid or disturbing dreams or nightmares
    ____ Altered sleep/wake schedule (alertness/energy best late at night)

    ____ Depressed mood
    ____ Suicidal thoughts
    ____ Suicide attempts
    ____ Feeling worthless
    ____ Frequent crying
    ____ Feeling helpless and/or hopeless
    ____ Inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities
    ____ Increased appetite
    ____ Decreased appetite
    ____ Anxiety or fear when there is no obvious cause
    ____ Panic attacks
    ____ Irritability; overreaction
    ____ Rage attacks: anger outbursts with little or no cause
    ____ Abrupt, unpredictable mood swings
    ____ Phobias (irrational fears)
    ____ Personality changes

    ____ Eye pain
    ____ Changes in visual acuity (frequent changes in ability to see well)
    ____ Difficulty with accommodation (switching focus from one thing to another)
    ____ Blind spots in vision

    ____ Sensitivities to medications (unable to tolerate "normal" dosage)
    ____ Sensitivities to odors (e.g., cleaning products, exhaust fumes, colognes, hair sprays)
    ____ Sensitivities to foods
    ____ Alcohol intolerance
    ____ Alteration of taste, smell, and/or hearing

    ____ Frequent urination
    ____ Painful urination or bladder pain
    ____ Prostate pain
    ____ Impotence
    ____ Endometriosis
    ____ Worsening of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    ____ Decreased libido (sex drive)

    ____ Stomach ache; abdominal cramps
    ____ Nausea
    ____ Vomiting
    ____ Esophageal reflux (heartburn)
    ____ Frequent diarrhea
    ____ Frequent constipation
    ____ Bloating; intestinal gas
    ____ Decreased appetite
    ____ Increased appetite
    ____ Food cravings
    ____ Weight gain (____ lbs)
    ____ Weight loss (____ lbs)

    ____ Rashes or sores
    ____ Eczema or psoriasis

    ____ Hair loss
    ____ Mitral valve prolapse
    ____ Cancer
    ____ Dental problems
    ____ Periodontal (gum) disease
    ____ Aphthous ulcers (canker sores)

    ____ Difficulty with simple calculations (e.g., balancing checkbook)
    ____ Word-finding difficulty
    ____ Using the wrong word
    ____ Difficulty expressing ideas in words
    ____ Difficulty moving your mouth to speak
    ____ Slowed speech
    ____ Stuttering; stammering
    ____ Impaired ability to concentrate
    ____ Easily distracted during a task
    ____ Difficulty paying attention
    ____ Difficulty following a conversation when background noise is present
    ____ Losing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence
    ____ Difficulty putting tasks or things in proper sequence
    ____ Losing track in the middle of a task (remembering what to do next)
    ____ Difficulty with short-term memory
    ____ Difficulty with long-term memory
    ____ Forgetting how to do routine things
    ____ Difficulty understanding what you read
    ____ Switching left and right
    ____ Transposition (reversal) of numbers, words and/or letters when you speak
    ____ Transposition (reversal) of numbers, words and/or letters when you write
    ____ Difficulty remembering names of objects
    ____ Difficulty remembering names of people
    ____ Difficulty recognizing faces
    ____ Difficulty following simple written instructions
    ____ Difficulty following complicated written instructions
    ____ Difficulty following simple oral (spoken) instructions
    ____ Difficulty following complicated oral (spoken) instructions
    ____ Poor judgment
    ____ Difficulty making decisions
    ____ Difficulty integrating information (putting ideas together to form a complete picture or concept)
    ____ Difficulty following directions while driving
    ____ Becoming lost in familiar locations when driving
    ____ Feeling too disoriented to drive

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