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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sunflowergirl, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. sunflowergirl

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    I come here all the time and read but I need to ask for special prayer for my friend's Husband, Joe Kinkopf. He's had diabetes for years but he's in the hospital with newly discovered heart failure. He has only 20% working and the doctors say he needs 40% to do an angioplasty. My friend Jeannie is so worn out, no sleep, scared. I'm asking for prayer for Joe and his family at this time. Thank you. Nancy
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    Hi and Welcome to the Worship Board !! please join us as often as you can.

    I will certainly be praying for Joe and for his family. please keep us updated on his condition.

    Blessings, Judy

  3. sunflowergirl

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    I forgot to add a very important fact. He is a non believer....goes along the scientific lines.....and she in the past has refused to talk about God. I told her I would be putting his name on prayers chains and today she said to make sure God knew his last name. I said, don't worry, God knows already.
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    I will pray for Joe and his family
    you are a good friend
    luv lisa